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The Story of the Single Tweet that Cured

logoSo that’s the title, but when you read the article, you will see that it is about the power of Videum, one of Dotsub’s partners. It shows how the knowledge from one person can travel halfway around the world and back again and how a video can change someone’s life. If you can now imagine that you can find a wealth of potentially life changing healthcare knowledge searchable in any one of 30 or 40 languages, thanks to Dotsub, then you can start to understand what we are capable of.стоимость продвижение сайтавзлом логина и пароля вконтакте

Language powered year in review

Happy New Year from Dotsub

As we close 2012, I want to thank our readers and customers for following Dotsub this year, and for the great language powered uses of Dotsub that you allowed us to help you achieve.

The rich choices that you took, and the creative solutions that powered your video communications were always thrilling, often surprising, and definitely a privilege for us.

To date, the Dotsub platform has “language powered” more than 110,000 videos with more than 20,000,000 lines of video captions and more than 16,000,000 lines of video translations.

This year we witnessed 10,000s of passionate fans translating videos in scores of languages, or via professional captioning and video translation provided by us; on our website, or via the integrations with online video platforms like YouTube, Brightcove, Ooyala, Kaltura, LongTailVideo and others; on the web, via mobile phones, or downloadable videos with selectable subtitle tracks or with languages built in…

Together we reached over 100,000,000 video viewers in their native languages.

On sites like Adobe.TV, TED, WOBI, and Videum – Health in any Language… In healthcare, learning, corporate training, communication, for video documentaries, real estate, promotion, marketing, non-profits, and many, many other fields…  We have worked together to further your goals, as informed by the mission of Dotsub, of overcoming the language barrier to cross-cultural communication in video.

We want to wish you a happy 2013, full of beautiful challenges, and successes!

David Orban
CEO, Dotsub

PS: The language-powered video below, created by Italian filmmaker Giacomo Sardelli, and picked up by NASA, expresses very well the sentiments of opportunity and wonder that we want to share.

Further Up Yonder - A message from ISS to All Humankind

[Further Up Yonder – A Message from ISS to All Humankind]
♫ [music] ♫
“As the the most forward-deployed citizens of the planet at this moment and the first expedition crew aboard Space Station Alpha, we are well-started on our journey of exploration and discovery, building a foothold for men and women who will voyage and live in places far away from our home planet.

We are opening the gateway to space for all humankind. As we orbit the earth every 90 minutes, we see a world without borders and send our wish that all nations will work toward peace and harmony. Our world has changed dramatically. Still the ISS is physical proof that nations can work together in harmony and should promote peace and global cooperation and reach goals that are simply out of this world.

On this night, we’d like to share with all our good fortune on this space station, our wonder and excitement to gaze on the Earth’s splendor, and our strong sense that the human spirit to do, to explore, to discover has no limit. Times are hard all over the world, but this is a time when we can all think about being together and treasuring our planet, and we’ve got a pretty nice view of it up here.”
♫ [music] ♫

Please Enjoy Our Offer to Caption and Translate an up to 10 minute video

Dotsub New Website Dec 2012

Limited Time $250 Value Offer
Dotsub will translate for free up to 10 minutes of any video into Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, or French

An up to $250 offer – for trying Dotsub
(For Enterprise and Video Publishers with more than 100 minutes of video)

реклама на машинуприемы продвижение сайта раскрутканакрутка вконтакте голосов

Dotsub’s Health Partner: Videum Wins 2 Awards

Dotsub’s Health Partner: Videum Wins 2 Awards

We are pleased to announce that Videum – Health in Any Language – has won the Health Care Standard of Excellence award and Social Network Standard of Excellence award in the 2012 WebAward Competition.filipina escorts dubaiдать контекстную рекламуперехват трафика с роутера