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Future of Web = Video (& what you can do about it in 2013)

For all of us working in media, Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Update is required reading. Her quick-to-read report shows how web trends are re-imagining news, maps, photos, notes, files, magazines, and cash registers. Still to come, her report alerts us to opportunities to create new content businesses for school-time, and for health-, car-, shopping- and ear-time.
KPCB Internet Trends – The Fall of WinTel in Favor of Android & IOS
Slides 77-9: emerging white space for language powered video in education, health…


Unlike print, video will grow with the web. That’s because as video meets the web, it becomes language powered, ie it becomes dynamic, personalized, social, on-demand, always-on, discoverable, combinatorial, re-usable, and textual. Yes, all video will have text, both a full searchable and translatable time-coded transcript, and the underlying language that drives the dynamism of the web – meta-data, xml, semantic standards, links to the knowledge graph, and more.

Wearetable19: An agency crowd-sources tv future
Wearetable19 – A creative agency crowd-sources the video future


As television and the web continue to collide it creates an opportunity surge. Viewership will continue to rise for all the right reasons, which are already trending…

  • Broadband
  • On-demand
  • Larger screens
  • Episodic TV as good as film
  • Multiple and mobile screens
  • Social Recommendations and virtual hang outs
  • The best of the web and video on the same screen


Brian L. Roberts, Comcast CEO, taking an Apple lesson, says Comcast will change TV more in the next 4 years than in the last 50, to make choosing easier despite near-infinite content.
Glenn Beck reveals in a clear presentation how his team will make television navigable and self-paced


At the heart of all these forecasts is the collision of video and the web, which is also the collision of video and language. By language power we don’t just mean text captions, although captions are the first step. By language power we mean metadata, topics, links, xml, the same language that powers web-page dynamism will soon power most video and images.

And when language-powered video happens, the $1.1 trillion education ecosystem in the USA will be disrupted as fast as print. And how we deliver health care ($ 2.6 trillion ecosystem) will shift more towards video and video conferencing. And how we spend our ear-time, commute-time, workout-time, wait-time, and bed-times will shift to language-powered video. (even our car-time due to Google-driven cars). New $1 billion market cap companies will be born as early adopters out pace established players.

So what can you do in 2013 to prep for the future of the web as language-powered video? Well, you might make resolutions to do the following (each item is a link that explains more):

  1. Caption your videos! Even if only your best performing ones
  2. Embed your video transcripts into your web pages (Dramatically improves SEO)
  3. Add interactive video transcripts to your video web pages
  4. Learn about the rapidly changing demographics of America or your region. And about the new FCC requirements to caption web video.
  5. If you have more than 100 minutes of video on the web, take advantage of Dotsub’s offer to caption and translate up to 10 minutes (a free offer worth up to $250)
  6. If you have less than 100 minutes, sign up for a Dotsub account and start captioning your own videos on our easy-to-use platform

Language-powered Video will become the primary media for learning, health, shopping, entertainment. As web video and web text language merge, video will become dominant, but all video will be backed by language (metadata and text) to perform as dynamically and fluidly as today’s web pages.

Dotsub New Website Dec 2012


Limited Time $250 Value Offer
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Dotsub’s New Website: Went Live Dec 4, 2012!

We are pleased to announce that Dotsub has a new website.
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