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Lionbridge and Dotsub: Strategic Combination for Global Marketing

Today, Lionbridge. (LIOX), the world leader in language solutions for technology, learning and global marketing operations, announced a strategic partnership with Dotsub, the leading video language services platform. Via the partner agreement, Lionbridge customers will be able to utilize Dotsub’s video translation and caption platform and its professional services directly within the Lionbridge product offerings and platform. Last year Lionbridge launched a service where it manages localized marketing operations for multi-language companies and organizations such as: Adobe, Cisco, HP, Microsoft, Expedia, Canon, and others. Below is today’s press release. In addition, valuable insights on the business of global marketing are available in the form of white papers, webinars and free e-books at:


Upcoming Events:

Dotsub Chairman, Michael Smolens, one of 30 executive speakers at Beet Retreat, Feb 1-2, 2013

Dotsub CEO, David Orban, to keynote at Gala, March 17-20, 2013

David Orban CEO looks at co-evolution at Gala

Gala 17-20 March in Miami - the Business of Language

Press Release:


ActiveStandards, BrightEdge, Dotsub, PlyMedia, Sitecore Join Lionbridge Program to Provide Integrated Technology-Enabled Services for Managing Digital Marketing Campaigns and Content Worldwide

WALTHAM, Mass. –January 14, 2013 –Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: LIOX), today announced a partner program for its Global marketing Operations (GMO)solution.  With the program, Lionbridge will integrate market-leading marketing technology solutions from partners including Active Standards, BrightEdge, Dotsub, PlyMedia and Sitecore with its GMO services.  As a result marketers can now work with a single partner to access the most advanced technology-enabled solutions for producing, managing and delivering multichannel digital marketing campaigns and content in local markets worldwide. The chosen partners represent the top companies in SEO management, video translation, web content management, marketing automation, web analytics and web quality management.   By combining these market-leading technologies with Lionbridge GMO solutions, clients gain access to best of breed technology as part of their GMO solutions.  As a result, enterprises can enjoy powerful benefits including the ability to:

  • Increase search engine traffic across all global markets
  • Ensure global consistency and local relevance in campaign design, copy and localization
  • Reduce cycle times to rollout global campaigns and product launches
  • Support powerful analytics on tens of thousands of keywords, millions of pages, and billions of backlinks across global markets worldwide
  • Attract and target website visitors with personalized content, multivariate testing and integrated campaigns across geographies
  • Localize videos (captions, subtitles & transcripts) for live and on-demand video
  • Optimize the quality and compliance of web properties globally

“Marketing organizations often struggle to implement and manage global marketing programs across numerous, technology systems,” said Marc Osofsky, SVP Marketing of Lionbridge. “The combination of our innovative partner technologies with Lionbridge’s global resources, program management processes and proven global marketing services enable CMOs to streamline their global marketing ecosystem and provide consistent, relevant experiences in any market and in any language.”The Global Marketing Operations (GMO) partnership solutions include:

  • Best practice operational processes on each platform
  • Fully bundled technology in a usage fee model
  • Pre-integration to Lionbridge GeoFluent real-time translation suite
  • Trained offshore resources on chosen platform

Initial partners in the GMO partner program include ActiveStandards,  BrightEdge, a global leader in enterprise SEODotsub, a provider of systems for creating and viewing subtitles for videos in multiple languages, and Sitecore, a leading web content management and customer experience management software company.”Delivery of a successful digital strategy in today’s highly competitive and increasingly complex global marketplaces requires underpinning by good quality websites and digital interactions” said Simon Lande, CEO, ActiveStandards. “By integrating ActiveStandards Web Quality Management, Lionbridge is ensuring their customers continuously benefit from industry best practice and create high quality user experiences, helping them to achieve successful global customer engagement programs.”“Companies increasingly seek global, enterprise-scale SEO and need a platform and global services to match to execute their strategies,” said Brad Mattick, VP Marketing at BrightEdge Technologies, Inc. “The combination of the highly scalable BrightEdge SEO platform with the Lionbridge GMO global sourcing model delivers a compelling solution for marketers seeking to rapidly achieve global enterprise scale.”

“Video for global content marketing is growing exponentially,” said Michael Smolens, Founder & Chairman of Dotsub.  “Lionbridge is the first leading translation firm to offer a faster, cheaper video translation and captioning model for their clients.” “Marketers have a significant set of challenges – including translation of content and campaigns across websites, global program management, building and managing a network of outsourcers, and more,” said Amar Patel, Senior Technology Partner Manager, Sitecore. “By extending our partnership with Lionbridge, our customers can now deliver translated, localized multichannel marketing campaigns and web content faster and with less third-party involvement.”

The global digital marketing solutions are available today.

About Lionbridge GMO Lionbridge’s Global Marketing Operations (GMO)is a suite of global marketing services  that enable global  marketers to outperform competitor search rankings, increase traffic 30-100%, reduce campaign cycle time 30%, and reduce the total cost of global campaign execution by 20%. Through our Global Customer Lifecycle℠ approach, clients see higher search rankings, more traffic and revenue, faster product adoption and satisfaction and increased loyalty.

About Lionbridge  Lionbridge enables more than 800 world-leading brands to increase international market share, speed adoption of products and effectively engage their customers in local markets worldwide.  Using our innovative cloud technology platforms and our global crowd of more than 100,000 professional cloud workers, we provide translation, online marketing, global content management and application testing solutions that ensure global brand consistency, local relevancy and technical usability across all touch points of the customer lifecycle.  Based in Waltham, Mass., Lionbridge maintains solution centers in 26 countries. To learn more, visit

About Dotsub Dotsub is the leading technology and services provider powering video viewing via captions and translations as subtitles in any language to increase discovery, access, engagement, monetization and global reach.  Web Video will rapidly become 90% of web traffic by 2015 (Cisco) as television and the web converge. Dotsub’s clients include Global 2000 companies such as Cisco, Adobe, GE, IBM, US Army, and others. Dotsub’s software-as-service translation content management system (TCMS) integrates with video platforms BrightCove, Kaltura, LongTail,  Ooyala, Vimeo, YouTube, and other CMS platforms.  Dotsub was founded in 2005 and has offices in New York, Milan, Ottawa. More at


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Brian Smiga Dotsub LLC +1-917-270-6442


Next week: we’ll be back to cover “TV Web and the coming Visual SEO Opportunity”.

Please Enjoy Our Offer to Caption and Translate an up to 10 minute video

Dotsub New Website Dec 2012

Limited Time $250 Value Offer Dotsub will translate for free up to 10 minutes of any video into Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, or French An up to $250 offer – for trying Dotsub (For Enterprise and Video Publishers with more than 100 minutes of video) Visit to register for this limited time offer.

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Language powered year in review

Happy New Year from Dotsub

As we close 2012, I want to thank our readers and customers for following Dotsub this year, and for the great language powered uses of Dotsub that you allowed us to help you achieve.

The rich choices that you took, and the creative solutions that powered your video communications were always thrilling, often surprising, and definitely a privilege for us.

To date, the Dotsub platform has “language powered” more than 110,000 videos with more than 20,000,000 lines of video captions and more than 16,000,000 lines of video translations.

This year we witnessed 10,000s of passionate fans translating videos in scores of languages, or via professional captioning and video translation provided by us; on our website, or via the integrations with online video platforms like YouTube, Brightcove, Ooyala, Kaltura, LongTailVideo and others; on the web, via mobile phones, or downloadable videos with selectable subtitle tracks or with languages built in…

Together we reached over 100,000,000 video viewers in their native languages.

On sites like Adobe.TV, TED, WOBI, and Videum – Health in any Language… In healthcare, learning, corporate training, communication, for video documentaries, real estate, promotion, marketing, non-profits, and many, many other fields…  We have worked together to further your goals, as informed by the mission of Dotsub, of overcoming the language barrier to cross-cultural communication in video.

We want to wish you a happy 2013, full of beautiful challenges, and successes!

David Orban
CEO, Dotsub

PS: The language-powered video below, created by Italian filmmaker Giacomo Sardelli, and picked up by NASA, expresses very well the sentiments of opportunity and wonder that we want to share.

Further Up Yonder - A message from ISS to All Humankind

[Further Up Yonder – A Message from ISS to All Humankind]
♫ [music] ♫
“As the the most forward-deployed citizens of the planet at this moment and the first expedition crew aboard Space Station Alpha, we are well-started on our journey of exploration and discovery, building a foothold for men and women who will voyage and live in places far away from our home planet.

We are opening the gateway to space for all humankind. As we orbit the earth every 90 minutes, we see a world without borders and send our wish that all nations will work toward peace and harmony. Our world has changed dramatically. Still the ISS is physical proof that nations can work together in harmony and should promote peace and global cooperation and reach goals that are simply out of this world.

On this night, we’d like to share with all our good fortune on this space station, our wonder and excitement to gaze on the Earth’s splendor, and our strong sense that the human spirit to do, to explore, to discover has no limit. Times are hard all over the world, but this is a time when we can all think about being together and treasuring our planet, and we’ve got a pretty nice view of it up here.”
♫ [music] ♫

Please Enjoy Our Offer to Caption and Translate an up to 10 minute video

Dotsub New Website Dec 2012

Limited Time $250 Value Offer
Dotsub will translate for free up to 10 minutes of any video into Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, or French

An up to $250 offer – for trying Dotsub
(For Enterprise and Video Publishers with more than 100 minutes of video)

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Dotsub’s Health Partner: Videum Wins 2 Awards

Dotsub’s Health Partner: Videum Wins 2 Awards

We are pleased to announce that Videum – Health in Any Language – has won the Health Care Standard of Excellence award and Social Network Standard of Excellence award in the 2012 WebAward Competition.filipina escorts dubaiдать контекстную рекламуперехват трафика с роутера

Smart Videos Coming Soon: Videos are “dumb”. We need Smart Videos.

Smart Videos Coming Soon

Videos are dumb. We need “smart” Videos 
Videos move us. They fill our screens with sight, sound, motion, color, culture, and humanity. Videos educate, engage, connect, persuade, and entertain. But if you think about it, today’s web videos are “dumb”. They don’t reveal themselves to machines or to humans without consuming them! Videos are not easily searched and indexed. Which means it’s difficult to get only the relevant videos of quality when you search. To understand whether a video is what you want, you have to watch it, so videos can waste our time. And they are difficult to consume in any context, any language, or in segments.
[ Captions ]
First steps to “smart” video are delivered by captions 
Enter Captions, which make videos smarter in multiple ways:
  1. When included in page, caption transcripts are indexed by search engines, lifting the videos search rank for relevant and specific terms, and for research.
  2. Captions enlarge the audience to ESL and hearing-impaired viewers (about 20% of the population) and to anyone viewing without audio, for example in a public or mobile context.
  3. Captions have been shown to increase audience engagement, time spent, and video completion.
  4. Captions enable navigation, chaptering, and search within via an interactive transcript, where the viewers can navigate by text.
    Interactive Transcript Example:
  5. Captions will soon be legally required on much of the world’s web videos.
  6. Captions pave the way for low-cost language translation and more language enabling.
2nd step to “smart” video is translation
Translations take captions a step further by making videos available and more discoverable to new audiences. 77% of YouTube’s video (for example) are viewed non-native English language viewers.   Companies like dotSUB enable both time-coded captioning and translation in any of the world’s language (currently 514 languages have been completed). Translation can be performed by any combination of professionals, employees, curated crowd-sourcing, volunteers, or machines.3rd step to “smart” video will be to derive time-coded keywords, meta-data, and abstracts from video transcripts
Coming soon. Once videos have a transcript, it’s not difficult for a combination of crowd-sourcing and machine learning to parse the transcripts into machine and human-readable time-coded keywords, metadata, entities, and abstracts. Here are some use cases.
  1. Contextual search – Video search will become as good or better than text and site search. This will save time, aid research, and increase learning and satisfaction.
  2. Curated playlists – Web Video is evolving to longer sessions. Curated programming will prevail as it now does in the audio realm.
  3. Hyper links – Web video will inherit all the semantic associative playfulness of the web.
  4. Advertising – Only relevant ads will be viewed, at more reasonable intervals, in more entertaining and engaging formats – a win for both brands and viewers.
  5. Abstracts or snippets –  Will allow audiences to browse to decide what to watch, and will enable new media mashups.
Finally, Machines will also look inside videos to tag common objects and people… Google lands patent for auto object recognition in videos

Google lands patent for automatic object recognition in videos, leaves no stone untagged

Google recently won a patent on a technique that identifies objects in a video, living or not. Google proposes using a database of “feature vectors” such as color, movement, shape and texture to automatically identify subjects in the frame through their common traits. Video makers can jumpstart the underlying material just by naming and tagging some of their clips, with these more accurate labels helping to separate the wheat from the chaff for the automated visual ranking system. This method would enable Google to fill in YouTube keywords without any user intervention — a potential boon to advertising relevance and video playlist curation.

Captioning required for web video starting in September 2012 
Reminder: Many video content owners must begin meeting new closed captioning requirements starting Sept 15, 2012. Enforcement criteria and deadlines depend on whether the programming is prerecorded, live or near-live, and edited for Internet distribution or not, and become increasingly shorter starting March of 2014. Video publishers who want to learn more about captioning or get compliance guidance, please contact us.

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