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From Japan, “a positive ray of light at the disaster site”

Just in from Japan, a lovely rescue story of 3 elders stranded by tsunami for 3 days…


Dominick Chen, a friend of our Founder’s from Tokyo, sent this short video in an hour ago saying, “I’ve just uploaded / transcribed / translated in Japanese, English and French, this video showing a positive ray of light at the disaster site.”

Please watch and add more translations on dotSUB to this sweet short story.

Love this part—after 42 hours stuck on the 2nd floor of a mostly destroyed building, one old man responds with a smile to a reporter’s question with this perspective:

[Reporter] What was your ordeal like?
[GrandPa] You know, I even came through the tsunamis from Chile [back in 1960], so I’m alright.
[GrandPa] Yeah, let’s just build it all over again!

To help our rescue, relief & recovery efforts, here some charities helping the people in Japan’s disaster areas:

Google Crises Center

Japanese Red Cross Society / Japan Earthquake donations

Global Giving Japan Earthquake And Tsunami Relief Fund

Nippon Foundation/CANPAN Northeastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund

Ganbatte, dai yo!

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