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Video with Interactive Transcription – New Video Embed

dotSUB recently added the ability to embed the transcription of a video into your webpage as well.Our users told us: “We want video with the transcription! We want it to highlight the curren

tly spoken line! We want it to seek when I click on a line in the transcription!”

dotSUB listens. We now offer the ability to embed the video with an interactive transcription. Here are the benefits:

1) Engage your audience for more minutes as they navigate transcripts.

2) Be found. The transcript text dramatically improves SEO results.

3) Increase your audience with the 20+% who are hearing impaired or have English as a second language.

4) Provide context with the rich text that accompanies your video.

We’d love to receive links to examples of our users who take advantage of embedded interactive video transcripts

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NHL Players Score – culturally!

The Players of the National Hockey League get young players ready for the rink and life.National Hokey League Players Association

“This job is a dream come true for a Canadian,” said Casey Rovinelli, Director of Digital Marketing, for the National Hockey League Players’ Association (de l’Association des joueurs de la Ligue nationale de hockey in French).

The NHLPA has created a program that brings the 40 best young hockey players to an annual “Allstate All-Canadians” Mentorship Camp. NHL stars and best-of-class experts coach these promising players in hockey and essential areas like strength & fitness, nutrition and sports psychology. Casey calls this, “mentoring Canada’s leaders on and off the ice.”

Training videos are a big part of how the in-camp learning is shared across all of Canada. Given that most of the players speak English, and the program needed to be bi-lingual, the NHLPA sought out dotSUB’s technology to caption and translate their in-house videos for subtitles.

Casey was delighted by how fast and easy it was to seamlessly integrate dotSUB’s system into their existing Brightcove online video platform and player. NHLPA has already seen cost reductions from their improved workflows and increased traffic from Quebec due to Canadian French subtitles. Going forward the NHLPA is interested in using the same workflow to translate videos for viewers in the European Union and beyond.

“The whole world should use translation tools like dotSUB,” Casey says, “captioning video is important for accessibility, reaching new audiences and for search engine optimization – it’s just the right thing to do from a technology perspective.”продвижение сайта методыоптимизация сайта под поисковые запросывзломать страницу в контакте по id