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Education: Online Video is the New Normal

Many of Dotsub’s users are educators whether they think so or not.  Teaching a world-wide sales force about new products (Dell), giving tax advice (AARP), and providing the most up-to-date information on diabetes (Videum) can all be seen as educational.

In a recent featured article, Streaming Media reported that the educational video market is very healthy.  Established, an early player that provides skills based video courses in diverse topics, was purchased by LinkedIn for $1.5 billion.  MOOC vendors are all in the business of providing video education and are raising millions in funding.   Recently, Coursera raised $11.6 million and Udacity raised $105 million.

For educational institutions, the use of video is pervasive across the whole curriculum: arts, humanities, and sciences to professional and vocational. Kaltura’s The State of Video in Education 2015 found that 91% of respondents believe that video has a positive impact on student satisfaction and 82% agree that it increases student achievement levels. In addition, 67% of respondents believe it makes student onboarding easier and 64% feel that it increases retention and has a positive impact on Alumni.

Kaltura Graph

When not driven by a formal curriculum, what are professionals watching?

In an Onstream Media and Unisphere Research survey of more than 700 webcasting professionals released in September 2015, 62 percent said educational content for business was the dominant type of content they had consumed.


Keeping in mind that these were professionals in the video webcasting industry…



Dotsub is a Technical Partner for Frontiers of Interaction

foiOnVideum_845x160Dotsub is proud to be a Technical Partner for Frontiers of Interaction.  Along with Dotsub Partner, Videum, we will be participating in the FrontierX: Health track.  Roberto Ascione, Primary Adviser for Videum and CEO at Healthware International, will be the Curator of the Health track, exploring how healthcare is being transformed by digital technologies.  Dotsub’s CEO and Founder, Michael Smolens, and our Chief Innovation Officer, David Orban, are featured speakers.

Frontiers of Interaction is the meeting point of design, technology and everything digital and interactive.  There are over 40 world class speakers from different disciplines and industries. Delegates are expected to number over 600 people this year.   Founders, entrepreneurs, designers, managers, academics, thinkers and makers will share insights, strategies and visions in an open conversation mood during two days of keynotes, workshops, panels and discussions.

The conference will take place on November 12-13, 2015 in Milan, the capital of Italian Finance, Innovation, Design and Art.

Videum Ends the Year with a Relaunch!

Videum, a Dotsub partner, recently relaunched their website focused on delivering health & medical videos to a global audience.  Videum ( aggregates videos from some of the top health content producers and distributes them to leading health and video sites around the world.  With over 200+ publishers in 86 countries, Videum works with its strategic partner, Publicis Healthcare, to reach a target audience of healthcare professionals and consumers.  A primary feature of the Videum platform is its capability to enable multi-language subtitles, making content accessible across language barriers.

“ is powered by Dotsub,” explains Paul Dinsmore, President & COO of Videum, “Dotsub lets us make good on the promise of outstanding health content made effective because it can be delivered in native languages.”

New functionality on the website include an enhanced user experience, viewing through topical and custom Watchlists, and ‘lean-back’ viewing of health and medical videos by categories via Videum TV.

For more information, please contact Paul Dinsmore @эффективное продвижениекласнолом полная версия скачать

Speaking Engagement

Localization World Conference


Dotsub’s CEO, David Orban, will be speaking at the Localization World Conference in Bangkok February 24 – 26.  Localization World is the leading conference for international business, translation, localization and global website management. With a specific emphasis on global business, the conference is a forum for the exchange of high-value information in the language, translation services and technologies market.

David will be presenting A Scale of Human-Machine Interaction Levels for Optimal Value Add.  Here, he will focus on with its unique combination of machine and human support. is a health video social network where users across the globe are able to share and view video content in any language. Combining Dotsub’s industrial-strength online platform with Razorfish Healthware’s global reach for content, creativity and understanding of the Health 2.0 ecosystem, this new portal provides unparalleled, universal access to quality healthcare content from multiple sources around the globe. Presenting machine, crowd and professional translation, it additionally allows medical, legal and regulatory certification of its content in order to maximize asset value and eliminate potential liabilities.

localizationWorldLogoFor more information about the conference and the speakers visit http://www.localizationworld.comshare-plusoсайт турфирмскачать программу для взлома icq

Changing healthcare throughout the world

As Dotsub provides its technologies to more and more industries, there are areas where we believe that we can make a real difference to the world. In those areas we are forming alliances with major players in the market place. We will talk about several of our alliances in upcoming Blog posts, and the first one that we want to spotlight is Videum. Our partner in Videum is Razorfish Healthware, which was profiled in April 2013’s edition of Med Ad News.

Razorfish Healthware – Med Ad Article

Videum is the first on line global health ecosystem, embracing video, social and mobile media. Over 4billion videos are watched every day on YouTube alone and about 1 in 3 people watch health videos. Of those people over 90% take action after watching that video. In addition, more than 2/3 of Healthcare Providers use online video to learn and keep up to date with clinical information.

In a past blog entry we have shown how Videum can make a difference, and we believe that working with Razorfish Healthware we can be a major positive and disruptive force in the way that people interact with Healthcare Professionals, Pharmaceutical Companies, Researchers and other interested members of the community.

Working with companies such as Razorfish Healthware, Dotsub can reinvigorate the information flow in the Healthcare market that will benefit everyone.


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