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Autoplaying Brightcove Captions and Subtitles

We recently had a customer ask us how to have captions autoplay in their Brightcove player without any changes to their pages.  It turns out this is not currently possible. Since this is such an important and simple use-case, we decided to not only solve it for our client, but also to release the code on github for anyone to use.

If you are familiar with Brightcove you’ll know that there are two parts to any plugin. Flash and Javascript versions of a plugin need to be created.

First lets look at the Flash component. Brightcove provides the ‘CustomModule’ interface as a starting point for your plugin. All we have to do is override initialize() and set captions enabled to ‘true’.

package {

import com.brightcove.api.APIModules;
import com.brightcove.api.CustomModule;
import com.brightcove.api.modules.CaptionsModule;

 * A Brightcove plugin that auto loads captions.
public class CaptionConfigurationModule extends CustomModule {

    override protected function initialize():void {
        var captionModule:CaptionsModule = player.getModule(APIModules.CAPTIONS) as CaptionsModule;

The Javascript plugin is just as simple. Once the player is ready we set captions enabled to ‘true’.

(function() {
    function onPlayerReady() {
        var captionsModule = player.getModule(brightcove.api.modules.APIModules.CAPTIONS);

    var experience = player.getModule(brightcove.api.modules.APIModules.EXPERIENCE);
    if (experience.getReady()) {
    } else {
        experience.addEventListener(, onPlayerReady);

There you have it; two simple plugins to enable caption autoplay on your Brightcove player. You can also see these plugins in our GitHub account:раскрутка сайта в киевевзлом пароля в одноклассниках по логину

New Feature: iOS Subtitles for Brightcove users

Another exciting addition to our platform for all our Brightcove enterprise users.  We now can provide subtitles for iPhone/iPad via a new plug-in. Documentation for this can be found here.

For more details please contact your account manager.заказать раскруткуанонимайзер для одноклассников бесплатно зеркало

Dotsub Sponsors Brightcove PLAY Conference – Worldwide!

Dotsub’s long-time tech partnership with the online video platform Brightcove reaches a new level with our sponsorship of their PLAY 2014 Customer Conference World Tour, starting May 8th in New York City, and continuing on to London, Tokyo and Sydney.

Dotsub first integrated with Brightcove’s video hosting platform and players more than five years ago.  Now, with scores of mutual global customers, seamless integration between the two platforms means adding captions and translated subtitles to your videos in Brightcove doesn’t change your workflow at all.

Brightcove users simply tag videos for language services. and Dotsub automatically ingests a low-resolution proxy copy of the video into our secure system.  Video captioning suitable for the hearing-impaired, as well as translations into any language, are done in a few days.  Approved  subtitles can then be automatically sent to your video players, transferred to any platform, or exported in many formats.

But back to the PLAY World Tour!  Brightcove’s four one-day events, focused on digital media innovation and marketing best practices, will gather customers, partners, and industry leaders who are transforming the video across every screen.

Dotsub folks will be available at each event on all four continents, so let’s meet to continue our international media revolution together…

The New York opening keynote will be live streamed at 9 am EDT, so watch it and many other videos via the Brightcove PLAY web siteподдержка сайта на joomlaпродвижение в соц сетях товаровскачать garena plus 2014

Are Your Videos Lost In Translation… or Find-able?

One in 120 million. That’s the odds of your video being found on YouTube, let alone the entire Internet.  So how do you win this video lottery?

Transcripts, in a word. Interactive Transcripts in two, if you want users to like them as much as search engines do.

Dotsub provides transcripts, and more importantly, Interactive Transcripts which are click-able by viewers and jump to the corresponding  place in the video.  Added into web pages around the video player, Interactive Transcripts can be laid out as a pull-down in the webpage, to become indexable by all major search engines.

As above, our API also provides search functionality for the Interactive Transcript, and highlighting for each phrase as it’s being said.  Not exactly Karaoke style, but you can see how helpful both features would be.

When Dotsub’s 508-compliant closed captions are used as Interactive Transcripts, every on-screen graphic and off-screen sound (like applause) are also documented, so they also become discoverable with standard internet search engines.

Want to see how Dotsub’s technology and Language Services can make your video stand out from the crowd?

Call us at +1.212.991.8685, send us an email at or visit our web site at:

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Brightcove Plugin: Updates

We have released a new version of our plugin for the Brightcove platform. This update includes:

  • Updates to font size handling to better match line-breaks created on
  • Updates to event tracking. Events now contain language name
  • Improved rendering for Khmer and Malayalam text

Please talk to your account manager to get access to these updates.рерайтингэлектронный консультантbrutus aet2 как пользоваться mail ru

Updated Brightcove Plug-in for dotSUB’s Enterprise Clients

We released an update to our Brightcove plug-in used by our Enterprise clients. This is the second large update in the last few months. The latest version features simpler configuration for our clients and language loading using ISO-639-1 and ISO-639-2 language codes.

If you are a new client, contact us to take advantage of our always evolving set of tools to provide captions and subtitles on your Brightcove videos. Existing clients can contact their dotSUB representative to upgrade to the latest version of the plugin at no additional cost.реклама в интернете бизнеспрограмма для взлома вконтакте по id