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Expanded Project Configuration

Our Enterprise clients will be glad to see we have expanded the configurable settings in their Dotsub projects. All these new configuration options expose settings that give you more control over your own projects.  These new configuration options include:

Media Ingest: Configure the download settings to get videos from your OVP into Dotsub.

Media Push: Configure how Dotsub uploads subtitles back to your OVP.

Standing Orders: Configure what your organization orders by default when a new video is ingested into Dotsub.

Default Subtitle Specifications: Configure the settings that define what type of subtitles your organization needs.

Project Defaults: Configure your project’s basic permissions, managers, language and license.

We have also updated our Enterprise Documentation, adding examples on configuring Dotsub for two popular OVPs (Brightcove and Kaltura). If you have any questions about these new configuration options please let us know!

Dotsub Vimeo Connect

Dotsub is happy to announce our new ‘Vimeo Connect’ feature. This allows you to caption videos in your Vimeo account without uploading them to Dotsub.

You can even purchase Dotsub’s professional captions and translations for your Vimeo videos. Our Enterprise clients can now have their Dotsub project setup automatically connect video from their Vimeo account, as well as having the captions and translations pushed back to Vimeo.

This new connect feature can be accessed from our new upload page. Just hit ‘Videos in my Vimeo’ to start the process.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 9.13.38 AM

If you have not already approved Vimeo access for Dotsub, you will be asked to. If you have already given Dotsub access to your Vimeo account, you will be brought directly to the Vimeo Connect page. Here you can select the videos in your Vimeo account by clicking the checkbox on the left. Once you have selected all the videos you wish to connect to Dotsub, select your desired license, permissions and video language at the bottom of the page and hit ‘Connect’.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 9.14.59 AM

In a few seconds, you’ll see your video is in your Dotsub account ready to be captioned and translated. The caption and translation process works exactly the same as a video uploaded to Dotsub. To upload the captions back to Vimeo just hit ‘Sync Captions to Video on Viemo’ under ‘Publish Video’.
Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 9.20.04 AM

The same great Dotsub caption and translation services are available to you for your Vimeo connected videos. You can order our services by clicking order from ‘My Videos’ or from the video page.
Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 9.20.20 AM

Please note that because Vimeo connected videos are not stored on the Dotsub platform, we cannot create MP4 burn-ins. If a burn-in is required, the video must be uploaded to Dotsub. Also, clients who have established workflows, can continue doing it using the prior methodology.

For more details on automatically connecting videos in a Vimeo account or auto syncing caption content back to Vimeo, please contact your account manager.