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Cardiff City Football Club Partners with Dotsub

Bluebirds partner with Dotsub to benefit local and global fanbase.

Cardiff – 16 April 2018

As part of the Club’s award-winning fan engagement and international development programmes, Cardiff City FC has partnered with the video captioning platform, Dotsub.

In addition to social media engagement and accessibility benefits, the Club uses subtitles to localise video content in Mandarin for the emerging Chinese football market and UK-based Mandarin-speaking supporters.

Cardiff City FC Executive Director & CEO, Ken Choo, says of the partnership with Dotsub: “Adapting and catering to our fans’ needs will always be at the heart of what we do at Cardiff City, “Not only does our partnership with Dotsub allow us multi-lingual communication with our supporters, but it also improves the accessibility of our video content for the deaf and hard of hearing.

“This is another fine example of our ever-developing fan engagement and international development strategies here at Cardiff City FC.”

Ben Dobson, Dotsub’s Head of Sports Partnerships, said: “The ways in which football fans, particularly millennials, engage with their team is increasingly driven by video across social media.

“The majority of these fans will consume video content on-the-go, with the volume muted, on their mobile device. So, by adding subtitles, the club have taken a timely step to boost their global fan engagement.

“Everyone at Dotsub is delighted to partner with Cardiff City FC. We’re fortunate to count the likes of the NFL and NHL amongst our clients so it’s great to see Cardiff City join this elite group of sporting brands and entities that are leading the way with their fan engagement.”

Editorial notes:

  • Cardiff City FC has recently been nominated for Best Matchday Experience at the 2018 Sport Business Awards in London. This is the club’s second consecutive SBA nomination and comes on the back of another three national and European fan engagement or matchday experience awards in the past two years.
  • Founded in New York, Dotsub is a video captioning platform that allows subtitles to published in any language to boost video engagement and improve accessibility. For more information, visit

Taus Webinar with Dotsub: Free!

Dotsub’s New Video Globalization PlatformDave Bryant (Dotsub)

Update: See the video here.

The combination of faster and ubiquitous internet and low cost high quality camera hardware has allowed online video to become the fastest growing segment of communication. Storytelling, whether for education, marketing, sales or simply getting your point across, is so much more effective when delivered on video. We also are beginning to realize that communication in local language, which may not be English, leads to greater engagement. Dotsub’s latest and greatest platform is designed to assist content creators, project managers and linguists to create multilingual videos, measuring quality and performance, while keeping an eye on costs. This presentation will help you to understand how this platform might change the way we globalize video.

Dave Bryant (Dotsub’s COO) is an accomplished high tech entrepreneur with worldwide business experience in sales & marketing, product management and operations. He has run development teams for a $1B high tech company and grown businesses to over $40M from nothing. His experience includes operating system development, database systems and language learning software and has traveled the world for business and pleasure. In addition to being the COO of Dotsub, Dave, along with all of the employees at Dotsub, is very aware of the ability of language to unite the world, and it is his hope and goal that providing multilingual video to the world will allow all 7+ billion of us to benefit from the accumulated knowledge of the world, no matter our level of education and literacy level.

TAUS Translation Technology Webinar on Audio/Video Localization. Our presenters are Dave Bryant from Dotsub and George Zhao from VideoLocalize.

Update: See the video here.

Dotsub is a Technical Partner for Frontiers of Interaction

foiOnVideum_845x160Dotsub is proud to be a Technical Partner for Frontiers of Interaction.  Along with Dotsub Partner, Videum, we will be participating in the FrontierX: Health track.  Roberto Ascione, Primary Adviser for Videum and CEO at Healthware International, will be the Curator of the Health track, exploring how healthcare is being transformed by digital technologies.  Dotsub’s CEO and Founder, Michael Smolens, and our Chief Innovation Officer, David Orban, are featured speakers.

Frontiers of Interaction is the meeting point of design, technology and everything digital and interactive.  There are over 40 world class speakers from different disciplines and industries. Delegates are expected to number over 600 people this year.   Founders, entrepreneurs, designers, managers, academics, thinkers and makers will share insights, strategies and visions in an open conversation mood during two days of keynotes, workshops, panels and discussions.

The conference will take place on November 12-13, 2015 in Milan, the capital of Italian Finance, Innovation, Design and Art.

Michael Smolens Speaking at Cross Video Days (Video)

Dotsub’s Chairman. Michael Smolens gave the keynote speech at Cross Video Days in Paris. Michael’s talk emphasized expansion of video reach via language translation.  With more than 1,100 participants, Cross Video Days has established itself as a major event of the audiovisual industry in Europe gathering all actors in the value chain: authors, producers, TV, digital platforms, funding bodies, communication agencies and the most innovative cross-media brands and startups.

Here’s the keynote with English captions or Spanish translation.

Dotsub Sponsors Kaltura Connect 2015

Kaltura Connect 2015: June 24

Dotsub is proud to be a Diamond sponsor of Kaltura Connect Virtual Summit 2015!  The series contained three tracks: May 28th: Education Track, June 11: Enterprise Track and the upcoming June 24: OTT and Monetization Track.  In an innovative new format, Kaltura Connect 2015 is a virtual conference, with all sessions broadcast over the web and a virtual exhibit hall for one-on-one interaction.  On Wednesday June 24th, come visit us at our booth!  The only thing missing is stale coffee!



June 24:  As viewers increasingly gravitate towards over-the-top content, online video has become more and more valuable. Delivering an outstanding viewing experience for premium content can be a challenge, as the number of devices increases, the market continues to fragment, and standards change. Join media industry leaders to explore the secrets of effective monetization, programming, delivery, marketing, and more through cutting-edge online video techniques. At the Kaltura Connect OTT+Monetization Video Summit, discover how to unlock the full value of online video.

For the agenda and to register…



The Enterprise Track featured leaders from various industries describing the strategic role video playing in their organizations.

Video is transforming the way we do business. It has the power to increase engagement, collaboration, and institutional knowledge by helping employees connect, personally and intuitively. This track is available for viewing.  Listen to the leaders in enterprise video technology and discover how to increase innovation, improve training, and even monetize your rich media content. You can learn how to empower your employees, consolidate your content, and create a successful video strategy.

View the Enterprise summit sessions Video-on-demand here.

The Education Track featured leaders from organizations and institutions dealing with higher education and with the already valuable tool of video.


This track is available for viewing.  Listen to Education leaders about their use of video to further engage, increase motivation, and otherwise enhance learning.  You can learn about the challenges and successes in the video strategy of these institutions.

View the Education summit sessions video-on-demand here.


GALA Conference March 2015

Gala Conference, March 22-25, Sevilla, Spain
by Tanbir Johal

The well-known voice of the localization industry, the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), tends to hold its annual conference in very attractive destinations – past locations have included Monaco, Istanbul and Miami – where in 2013 our very own David Orban was the keynote speaker.

This year was no exception, with the conference taking place last week in historic Sevilla, southern Spain. The relatively small size of the conference and high level attendees ensured it was focused and informative, with daily sessions ranging across Interpreting, technology, travel and other industry topics. We were very pleased to attend and hear fascinating insights from the people who make up this multi-cultural industry.

The buzz was all around the conference theme of Change and Disruption, with a entertaining keynote by Paula Shannon of Lionbridge Language Services, one of Dotsub’s key partners. In her speech Paula dived into many of the advancements breaking new ground in the localization industry today: including real-time translation tools, and portable, wearable translation devices. The future is upon us!

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Dotsub and Media Platform Joint Webinar



Making Video Communications Accessible Across the Global Enterprise

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

2:00pm-2:30pm ET / 11:00am-11:30am PT

Register to Attend

Video has proven to be an effective and cost-efficient tool for internal communications, training and marketing across today’s enterprise. With this growth in the use of corporate video, making content accessible by a diverse global audience is a must.Leveraging an enterprise video platform with interactive transcripts, captions and translations provides an organization with a centralized and easily searchable library of content that can help power improvements in business processes. Make marketing videos more searchable and accessible by humans and search engines with captions and transcripts, and improve employee engagement with internal communications by providing video with localized translations to increase the lifetime value of your corporate media.

Please join Dotsub and MediaPlatform for this free webinar where you will learn:

  • How to improve online learning with an enterprise video portal
  • Integrating translations with your existing video content
  • Features and benefits of captions and interactive transcripts


David Orban – CEO, Dotsub

Denis Khoo – Chief Technology Officer, MediaPlatform


Register to Attend

About Dotsub

Dotsub is a browser based, one-stop, self contained system for creating and viewing subtitles for videos in multiple languages across all platforms, including web based, mobile devices, and transcription and video editing systems. It’s easy to use, nothing to buy or download, and it’s fun. You can upload your videos, transcribe and time caption them, translate them into and from any language, and share them with the world.

About MediaPlatform
MediaPlatform, Inc. helps organizations harness the power of video webcasting with a secure enterprise YouTube for on-demand and live rich media streaming. With MediaPlatform, organizations can leverage video to improve internal and external communications, enable collaboration, bolster training and power knowledge sharing. MediaPlatform is a Leader in the The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Video Platforms and Webcasting, Q1 2015.

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Dotsub Sponsors Brightcove PLAY Conference – Worldwide!

Dotsub’s long-time tech partnership with the online video platform Brightcove reaches a new level with our sponsorship of their PLAY 2014 Customer Conference World Tour, starting May 8th in New York City, and continuing on to London, Tokyo and Sydney.

Dotsub first integrated with Brightcove’s video hosting platform and players more than five years ago.  Now, with scores of mutual global customers, seamless integration between the two platforms means adding captions and translated subtitles to your videos in Brightcove doesn’t change your workflow at all.

Brightcove users simply tag videos for language services. and Dotsub automatically ingests a low-resolution proxy copy of the video into our secure system.  Video captioning suitable for the hearing-impaired, as well as translations into any language, are done in a few days.  Approved  subtitles can then be automatically sent to your video players, transferred to any platform, or exported in many formats.

But back to the PLAY World Tour!  Brightcove’s four one-day events, focused on digital media innovation and marketing best practices, will gather customers, partners, and industry leaders who are transforming the video across every screen.

Dotsub folks will be available at each event on all four continents, so let’s meet to continue our international media revolution together…

The New York opening keynote will be live streamed at 9 am EDT, so watch it and many other videos via the Brightcove PLAY web siteподдержка сайта на joomlaпродвижение в соц сетях товаровскачать garena plus 2014

HealthPhone Needs Your Help!

UPDATE:  Healthphone has WON the 2013 Katerva People’s Choice Award!   


HealthPhone Named as a Finalist for the 2013 Katerva Award   healthphonelogo

We at Dotsub are always proud to see members of our community getting the recognition they deserve and our colleagues at HealthPhone are on the verge of receiving an award that would make a world of difference to them.

HealthPhone has been selected as a finalist for the 2013 Katerva People’s Choice Award!  And you can help: Please vote for HealthPhone before the 28th of March on the Katerva website.

You do need to register but it only takes a few seconds to benefit such a good cause.  Because women are usually responsible for their families’ healthcare, vote for HealthPhone under the category of Gender Equality.

Your help is needed: Vote by 28 March!


The winner of the Katerva People Choice Award has access to a network of legal and business advisors, and gets great publicity.  The Award recognizes that the winner’s solution is credible and proven and will make a worldwide difference.  It is also a huge morale boost for dedicated volunteers.

HealthPhone is using Dotsub to crowd-source translation of its library of healthcare videos. With help from volunteers from Translators without Borders, videos are currently available in 63 languages.  For the pilot projects in India, videos were translated into 18 different languages.

“The very poorest of us all want to be connected,” states Nand Wadhwani, visionary and founder of HealthPhone, “and with HealthPhone that connection can save lives and improve the quality of those lives.”

HealthPhone supplies authoritative content in the native language– video, audio and text – that is pre-loaded onto a microSD memory card, for use in a mobile phone, and distributed to those who would otherwise have no way of getting this vital information.  Imagine passing on to poor and vulnerable people simple techniques of sanitary food handling, nutrition, personal hygiene, and basic medical procedures!  But this is not fantasy, as the pilot projects in India have shown.

Working with the government’s network of healthcare workers that was already in place, data was collected on pre- and post-implementation hand washing rates and hygiene, immunization uptake, as well as breastfeeding rates and the use of oral rehydration salts to treat diarrhea.  Early analysis of these data shows that HealthPhone users show an increase in hand washing with soap, increase in early and exclusive breastfeeding, greater use of oral rehydration salts and a more complete round of routine immunizations for infants and young children.

Encouraged by these results, feedback and anecdotal evidence, the state government has committed to expanding the project immediately to reach 50% of the population (56 million) in 15 districts, to be expanded to all districts by the end of 2014.nandquote

HealthPhone provides key life-saving information on tap, without a signal, without a connection cost, in a local language.  HealthPhone is quickly scalable for other regions and languages and works on a variety of popular and low-end handset models and platforms.

The Katerva Award Winner gains significant support with the aim of implementing the winning project for maximum impact. Remember to show your support today!  Visit and vote for HealthPhone!




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Video, Film, TV & Streaming Media Schmoozing Around The Globe…

Dotsub will be in attendance at the following events.  Drop us a note if you would like to meetup!

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