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Michael Smolens Speaking at Cross Video Days (Video)

Dotsub’s Chairman. Michael Smolens gave the keynote speech at Cross Video Days in Paris. Michael’s talk emphasized expansion of video reach via language translation.  With more than 1,100 participants, Cross Video Days has established itself as a major event of the audiovisual industry in Europe gathering all actors in the value chain: authors, producers, TV, digital platforms, funding bodies, communication agencies and the most innovative cross-media brands and startups.

Here’s the keynote with English captions or Spanish translation.

The Winner of the Happiest Language Is…


Over the last million years, human language has emerged and evolved as a fundamental instrument of social communication.  People use language in part to convey emotional information, leading researchers to the questions: What is the emotional spectrum of natural language and is it inherently neutral, positive or negative?

These researchers found that indeed over 10,000 of the most frequently used English words exhibit a clear positive bias.

Here, they reported that the human-perceived emotion of over 10,000 of the most frequently used English words exhibits a clear positive bias. As shown in the figure below, they found that this positivism held true in all four datasets regardless of frequency of word use.


So this study showed that English was positively positive.  But what about other languages?  A more recent publication by the Academy of Sciences revealed that human language has a universal bias towards positivism, and out of all the languages tested, Spanish was the happiest.

The source of the big data required to test these ideas is obtained from on-line sources such as Twitter, GoogleBooks and other media outlets.  Researchers were able to measure the positivity bias in the 100,000 most frequently used words of 10 different languages – English, Spanish, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, Korean, Chinese (simplified), Russian, Indonesian, and Arabic. The words were scored by 50 different native speakers in each language for emotional resonance and analyzed on an emotional scale. Every language tested had a positive bias, Spanish being the greatest, and Chinese being the most balanced language.

We, humans, “use more happy words than sad words,” says mathematician Chris Danforth who co-led the new research.


(A previous version of this post referred to Brazilian and Portuguese, without the specific qualifiers in the updated version.)

Dotsub Website Stats

Let’s take a look at’s statistics for the months of April and May 2015 combined.


We will start with languages.  As usual, the top four remain steady with English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.  Czech dropped to sixth place.  These languages have remained consistent for the past several months while the rest hop about.









During these months, both Arabic and Catalan dropped out of the top 20.









Once again, removing the most numerous, reveals the details.


For the location of visitors to, the U.S. is always on top, and the next few countries, Canada, Australia, and the UK usually round out the top 4, but the rest of the top 20 is quite volatile and their order varies wildly month to month.  Portugal, Romania, The Netherlands and New Zealand have dropped off; while Austria, Argentina, Japan, and Poland are now in the top 20.LocsTop20









So, removing the the top 4 gives us a better look at the rest of the top 20.











We had two visits from Vatican City to our website during these months.  Vatican City is the smallest internationally recognized independent state in the world by both area and population.

The Holy See uses Latin as its main official language, Italian as its main working language and French as its main diplomatic language.  Their Secretary of State uses English, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. Meanwhile, the Swiss Guard, essentially the Pope’s body guards, use German, as well as French and Italian.

And, yes it is true that the Vatican’s ATMs offer the option to use Latin for banking transactions.


Dotsub Friend IAP HealthPhone Launches!

IAP HealthPhone is announcing their largest launch to date.  We have written about the HealthPhone project in these pages before.  Using mobile phones and SD chips with videos about health and nutrition for mothers and children in 18 Indian language translations, the HealthPhone method was proven to improve household well-being.  Last March with help from the Dotsub community, HealthPhone won the peoples’ choice Katerva award for Gender Equality.  Today, we are happy to share that this project is being launched in on a massive scale estimated to reach more than 170 million households in India.  See the full press release here.

This three year effort was a public private initiative made up of The HealthPhone project of The Mother and Child Health and Education Trust (MCHET), The Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP), Ministry of Women and Child Development, UNICEF and Aamir Khan, and Vodafone. This is the world’s largest digital mass education undertaking to tackle malnutrition in mothers and children.

“This is the fulfillment of the dream of my lifetime – to deliver lifesaving information directly into the hands of mothers on throughout the whole of India,” states Nand Wadhwani, Founding Trustee, The Mother and Child Health and Education Trust.

Wadhwani continues, “The three-year campaign by IAP HealthPhone will be transformative for India’s fight against malnutrition and is expected to benefit the health of tens of millions of children in India in the years and decades to come. We are thrilled to be a part of this ‘dream team’ working together to put health and nutrition knowledge directly in the hands of those who need it most. We look forward to India’s children thriving from the power of their knowledgeable mothers.”

This unique program leverages the increasing penetration of mobile and by 2018 will educate over ten million 13-35 year-old girls and women and their families in India on better health and nutrition practices.  This project also serves as proof-of-concept for opportunities to provide health and nutrition information by leveraging mobile phone penetration with video in native languages in places like Africa, Malaysia, etc.




Dotsub Sponsors Kaltura Connect 2015

Kaltura Connect 2015: June 24

Dotsub is proud to be a Diamond sponsor of Kaltura Connect Virtual Summit 2015!  The series contained three tracks: May 28th: Education Track, June 11: Enterprise Track and the upcoming June 24: OTT and Monetization Track.  In an innovative new format, Kaltura Connect 2015 is a virtual conference, with all sessions broadcast over the web and a virtual exhibit hall for one-on-one interaction.  On Wednesday June 24th, come visit us at our booth!  The only thing missing is stale coffee!



June 24:  As viewers increasingly gravitate towards over-the-top content, online video has become more and more valuable. Delivering an outstanding viewing experience for premium content can be a challenge, as the number of devices increases, the market continues to fragment, and standards change. Join media industry leaders to explore the secrets of effective monetization, programming, delivery, marketing, and more through cutting-edge online video techniques. At the Kaltura Connect OTT+Monetization Video Summit, discover how to unlock the full value of online video.

For the agenda and to register…



The Enterprise Track featured leaders from various industries describing the strategic role video playing in their organizations.

Video is transforming the way we do business. It has the power to increase engagement, collaboration, and institutional knowledge by helping employees connect, personally and intuitively. This track is available for viewing.  Listen to the leaders in enterprise video technology and discover how to increase innovation, improve training, and even monetize your rich media content. You can learn how to empower your employees, consolidate your content, and create a successful video strategy.

View the Enterprise summit sessions Video-on-demand here.

The Education Track featured leaders from organizations and institutions dealing with higher education and with the already valuable tool of video.


This track is available for viewing.  Listen to Education leaders about their use of video to further engage, increase motivation, and otherwise enhance learning.  You can learn about the challenges and successes in the video strategy of these institutions.

View the Education summit sessions video-on-demand here.


GALA Conference March 2015

Gala Conference, March 22-25, Sevilla, Spain
by Tanbir Johal

The well-known voice of the localization industry, the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), tends to hold its annual conference in very attractive destinations – past locations have included Monaco, Istanbul and Miami – where in 2013 our very own David Orban was the keynote speaker.

This year was no exception, with the conference taking place last week in historic Sevilla, southern Spain. The relatively small size of the conference and high level attendees ensured it was focused and informative, with daily sessions ranging across Interpreting, technology, travel and other industry topics. We were very pleased to attend and hear fascinating insights from the people who make up this multi-cultural industry.

The buzz was all around the conference theme of Change and Disruption, with a entertaining keynote by Paula Shannon of Lionbridge Language Services, one of Dotsub’s key partners. In her speech Paula dived into many of the advancements breaking new ground in the localization industry today: including real-time translation tools, and portable, wearable translation devices. The future is upon us!

gala2015взломать скайп 2014

Ofcom on the State of Captioning in the UK

The next report on the state of captioning from UK broadcasting watchdog Ofcom is due in April 2015. Reporting since 2013, Ofcom says that the industry has made great progress since then for the accuracy and timing for captioning of pre-recorded programs.  Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for live programming.

Pre-recorded programs leave an opportunity for captioners to correct and fine-tune their captions.  Live captioning, as seen mostly on the news, sporting events, weather and other programs requires an entirely different set up: a person with good ears, a clear speaking voice and specially ‘trained’ voice recognition software. These live captioners sit in a soundproofed room, watching the TV feed and re-speak the words from the program clearly and deliberately into a microphone. The computer, which over time has come to more accurately recognize the live captioner’s voice, then translates their spoken words into text on screen.

Some TV viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing are left baffled by captions. There are still serious recognition errors in the captioning software which led to mistakes such as the phrase “be given to our toddlers” translated as “be given to ayatollahs”, or “sources” becoming “sauces” and “they need a mum” mistakenly captioned as “they need a man”.  Former Manchester United player Patrice “Evra” was replaced by a “zebra”.  In situations when live information is extremely important, like weather events or football matches, these mistakes becoming very frustrating.

The BBC is working on new automated captioning technology – but for now, the method, while not infallible, is still the best method available.

Weather Report overlapping an ad.  Wales did not die.













Sources: exe скачать бесплатно’s Statistics from February, 2015

Let’s take a look at’s statistics for the month of February 2015.


We will start with languages.  As usual, the top five remain steady with English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Czech.  These languages have remained consistent for the past several months.  The rest of the top 15 languages play a sort of musical chairs amongst a group of about 18.

Langs 120

This month  Dutch returned to the sixth spot, Hebrew moved up from 20th to 15th, Arabic makes an appearance at 20th and Slovakian replaced Slovenian.

Langs 520


For the location of visitors to, the U.S. is always on top, and the next few countries, Canada, Australia, and the UK usually round out the top 4, but the rest of the top 20 is quite volatile and their order varies wildly month to month.

Loc 120

So, removing the the top 4 gives us a better look at the rest of the top 20. Brazil and Spain change places Colombia and India both move into the top twenty with Japan and Mexico making way for them.

Loc 520
In January, we had a single visit from the Isle of Man, the Central African Republic, the Solomon Islands and Sierra Leone.

Normally I would provide a lot of data and some interesting facts for one of our singletons, but this month something else is worth mentioning. Over the last 18 months or so we have seen Vanuatu in our logs many times, several as one of our single visitors. As you probably know, on March 14th, 2015 what many have said is the worst cyclone in the Pacific’s history, Pam, slammed into the island archipelago of Vanuatu, killing at least eight people and leaving thousands homeless, according to reports from aid organizations.

You can read about the devastation here.

Vanuatu flag

Vanuatu, our thoughts are with you.база паролей вконтакте торрент

Production Team Jobs

Project Manager

Looking for a dynamic work environment?  We need another Project Manager! We are looking for an experienced project manager to become part of our Production Team. We need someone with practical working knowledge of the translation and localization process.  To Apply.


Talent Recruiter

Are you an eager self-starter, at home in a small but very dynamic global team?  We need someone who can recruit and maintain our pool of freelance captioners and translators for our Talent Cloud Program.  To Apply.скачать взлом вк 2014

Dotsub YouTube Connect

Dotsub is happy to announce our new ‘YouTube Connect’ feature. This allows you to caption videos in your YouTube account without uploading them to Dotsub.

You can even purchase Dotsub’s professional captions and translations for your YouTube videos.  Our Enterprise clients can now have their Dotsub project setup automatically connect video from their YouTube account, as well as having the captions and translations pushed back to YouTube.

This new connect feature can be accessed from our new upload page. Just hit ‘Videos in my YouTube’ to start the process.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 7.32.30 AM

If you have not already approved YouTube access for Dotsub, you will be asked to. If you have already given Dotsub access to your YouTube account, you will be brought directly to the YouTube Connect page. Here you can select the videos in your YouTube account by clicking the checkbox on the left. Once you have selected all the videos you wish to connect to Dotsub, select your desired license, permissions and video language at the bottom of the page and hit ‘Connect’.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 7.23.46 AM

In a few seconds, you’ll see your video is in your Dotsub account ready to be captioned and translated. The caption and translation process works exactly the same as a video uploaded to Dotsub. To upload the captions back to YouTube just hit ‘Sync Captions to Video on YouTube’ under ‘Publish Video’.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 7.28.09 AM

The same great Dotsub caption and translation services are available to you for your YouTube connected videos. You can order our services by clicking order from ‘My Videos’ or from the video page.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 7.26.18 AM copyPlease note that because YouTube  connected videos are not stored on the Dotsub platform, we cannot create MP4 burn-ins. If a burn-in is required, the video must be uploaded to Dotsub. Also, clients who have established workflows, can continue doing it using the prior methodology.

For more details on automatically connecting videos in a YouTube account or auto syncing caption content back to YouTube, please contact your account manager.накрутка лайков вконтакте бесплатно и быстро