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Around the Globe: Second Languages

This fascinating info-graphic shows the second most used languages in countries throughout the world.  The rise and fall of these secondary languages are of wide interest to companies and organizations that serve – or sell to – these populations.  Dotsub translated combinations of over 50 different languages in recent months, often to meet the demands of non-primary language speakers.

There are, of course, many different and intertwined reasons for the rise and fall of particular language usage.  There is history: war, occupation and migration.  Examples shown here include Tatar in Russia and Nahuatl (informally known as Aztec) in Mexico.  Then there is proximity that enables trade such as the use of Swedish in Finland and the use of Danish in Iceland.

Immigration is a driving factor as well.  In the U.S., the Spanish speaking population is the fastest growing population which has fueled powerhouses like Univision and Telemundo.  Meanwhile, in England, a large wave of Polish speakers have migrated to the UK since Poland joined the EU in 2004.  Still, that Polish is England’s secondary language is surprising but it shouldn’t be.

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Dotsub Awarded Patent For Its Value Added Platform

Value added online platforms create sustainable marketplaces, allowing supply and demand to combine with the addition of specialized components to enable the desired service to be delivered on the platform itself.

Dotsub is such a value added platform. At its core it makes videos fully indexable by search engines, more easily findable by interested people in any language, understandable and engaging for those who don’t speak the source language of the video. However it doesn’t stop there! Through easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces, Dotsub allows the very process of time coding and captioning of the videos to happen within the browser. Without changing the paradigm, or switching to an off-line tool, once the video is captioned, the translation into any target language follows seamlessly and intuitively. These translations can be done by machines, by the crowd, or trained human professionals.

Screenshot 2014-11-08 15.16.16

Additional steps for reviewing the quality and bringing it up to the expected levels are also part of the user experience. The entire process is guided by a specific tool, once again available simply through the browser, that simplifies workflow management, assignment of tasks and allows the creation of triggers and alarms to automate and notify user project managers of successive handoffs. This is the environment we call the Dotsub Translation Content Management System (TCMS).

The integration of Dotsub with the online video platforms completes the sequence for an end to end solution where content owners can add relevant value to their videos in a simple, cost-effective and high-quality solution. Through our Enterprise solutions, or simply via our ecommerce portal, these services can be delivered to our clients at high quality, rapidly, easily, and cost effectively.

Screenshot 2014-11-08 15.13.21

Being able to create systems that are innovative, easy to use, and sustainable in delivering value to their users is a clear challenge that all startups must necessarily face. We believe that Dotsub successfully faced this challenge, with the help of everybody in our team! This is the reason why we are so proud that the innovation embodied by Dotsub’s approach has been recognized by the United States Patents and Trademarks Office which awarded us with US Patent 8863220 on Oct 14, 2014.маркетинговая компанияyandex объявлениявзломать страницу вконтакте без программ

YouTube Creator Academy Goes Global Using Dotsub

YouTube set up the Creator Academy to help video developers strengthen their channels on the YouTube platform.  Its goals are to help the creator to build a subscriber base, publish engaging content, and to make the channel a destination that is branded and keeps them coming back.  All video courses provided free.  The drawback?  In English only.

But no longer, as of October 14, 2014, YouTube Creator Academy is now in more than 20 languages via Dotsub.









To access the various subtitles, play an Academy lesson, click the Settings button in the lower right corner, click on the Subtitles menu, scroll and choose the language you want.  Try it on the video below:

Of course if Dotsub translations work for Youtube’s videos, they will work for Creators like you. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.vzlom2014копирайтеровкак взломать почту gmail зная логин

GALA Announces Ambassador Program

Screenshot 2014-09-10 16.28.16

GALA, the Globalization and Localization Association, announced today its GALA Ambassador Program, and I’m honored to have been chosen to be among the first four Ambassadors of the association.

Last year I gave the keynote speech at the GALA Conference in Miami, and had the chance to share with the audience my views on how the role of localization will evolve in view of an increasingly powerful technology assisting localization firms, and enterprises in their efforts.

In the announcement GALA said today:

Two of the main roles of an Ambassador are to utilize their prominent industry position and their connections to promote GALA and to help with the job of representing GALA at the many events where it is felt the membership can benefit from our being there. Their findings from these events will be reported back to the membership; the key being to share new findings and know-how.

For me it will be a privilege to listen to market needs, and to promote the value of an association like GALA to enterprises worldwide.продвижение сайта в googleсео продвижение молодого сайтапрограммы для взлома одноклассников на оки

What’s Language Got to Do with It? The Affect on Corporate Social Responsibility

The Link Between Language and Corporate Responsibility

Over the years, we’ve seen corporations pay increasing attention to being good global citizens focused on sustainability and corporate social responsibility.  Whether the organization’s goal is good public relations, good community relations, employee involvement, or a better bottom line, this development has reached acronym status: CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

How companies use language to articulate their social efforts has been a topic of study.  Several articles by Desantis Brenindel, brand marketers out of NYC, say that the language used to describe the CRS endeavors help companies align these efforts with the core values of their corporate brand.  They analyzed the CSR reports of Fortune’s Top 100 companies and found that the terminology used was carefully chosen and consistent with the company’s branding and further promoted their messaging.  It is not surprising that corporate marketing would tailor the description of its community campaigns to work consistently within the company’s brand.

Researchers at Harvard Business School, led by Christopher Marquis, thought to ask a more fundamental question:  what if the actual language used by top executives – that is English, Chinese, German, etc. – was related to the success and implementation of corporate social responsibility programs?

It has long been theorized that the language a group has to work with influences their behavior, values and indeed the structure of their world.  That is, languages shape the way people think.  These researchers asked if the same could be true of businesses.  Was the native tongue they used a determiner in business philosophies and decisions?

Their research shows that a company’s degree of social responsibility is indeed affected by this factor—the language it uses to communicate.

Research has shown that companies located in countries including Germany, Japan, and most Nordic nations are more likely to practice CSR and sustainability initiatives than are companies in France, India, the US, or Russia, for example.  This has been attributed to the “cultures” of these countries.  The concept of culture is easy to understand but how do you measure something as subjective as culture?

These researchers used language.  Surprisingly, the vocabulary used was not as important as the way the language is fundamentally structured.  This is related to previous work by Keith Chen in a paper published in the American Economic Review which studied individual decision making.  He explained that in English, and Spanish, for example, speakers change to a completely different structure to refer to the future; while in others such as German, Swedish and Chinese, use basically the same structure.

Some languages such as English, or Russian, when describing future actions use construction that place a greater distance between the present and the future.  Social responsibility is always an investment in the future. The researchers found that, like individuals, the more separation placed between present and future events, the less socially responsible a company was.

All is not lost however!  Just as some people can diet or save money even if their language is structured for short term gratification, organizations can take on the challenge.  The investigators also found that the language effect was largely overcome by the companies that were highly globalized and had workers internationally.  Just being aware that language has an influence, can help managers and strategists direct business behavior in many ways, including social responsibility.

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Kinnernet Italy

Dotsub’s own David Orban attended the first Kinnernet Italy held in Venice in early August. This was a gathering of  innovators from all disciplines (science, business, technology, media, education, art, and social) and all geographies (Israel, Europe, US, and Asia).

The Serenissima UnConference was a three day, by invitation only event, bringing together about 100 digital entrepreneurs, thinkers, opinion makers and influencers from around the world in an out of the box, irreverent, bottom-up innovation, creativity, technology and cultural unconference.

Here is David talking about the Network Society at Kinnernet.поисковая оптимизация сайта дешевокак найти человека через номер мобильного телефона

Dotsub’s David Orban at WeHave The Future

This is a gathering of 30 students coming from the best law and business for a month-long journey of discovery and reinvention in the north-east of Italy. They will identify, document and explore the innovative business practices that have ensured the success of “Made in Italy” around the world, and will work together to propose new and disruptive solutions to make Italian business productivity even more stable, growing and global.

David Orban is part of an extraordinary international faculty of experts participating in a series of in-depth workshops. The exploration will include the structure of companies and entrepreneurial ideas, new ways of raising capital, the organization of the business process, the enhancement of creativity and know-how as competitive assets.

wehavethefuturecomboporno.ruоптимизация работы сайтаместонахождение мобильного телефона

Translations Attract More Viewers

Jan Ozer of the Streaming Learning Center interviewed Dotsub’s own Brooks Lyrette about the power of captioning and translations to attract more eyeballs.

Of particular interest, Brooks related the tale of a journalistic video that was originally shot in German languishing on the Dotsub server with a few thousand views after two years.  Until it was translated into Czech. And it exploded in the Czech Republic and it petered off and then a little bit later the French translation became available and it re-exploded in France. In just two months this video had 3 million views in languages that were 90% not its own original language.










See the entire article at:

Jan has worked in digital video since 1990, and is the author of over 20 books related to video technology.  Jan currently writes for Streaming Media Magazine and Streaming Media Producer, and consults widely on streaming media-related marketingпродвижение сайтов ucozodnovzlom скачать бесплатно

Dotsub Sponsors Kaltura Connect 2014

Join us at Kaltura Connect 2014 –– June 17-18, New York City


(See below for special Dotsub Discounts!)

Dotsub is a proud sponsor of Kaltura Connect 2014, The Video Experience Conference.  This year Connect 2014 returns to New York City June 16-18.  Connect features a rich day of workshops, an exciting weekend hackathon, and two days of inspiring content.  Come network with the makers and shapers of the most important communication technology since the invention of television – Video.

The Dotsub Kaltura partnership is a strong one – evidenced by the seamless integration of the two platforms.  Kaltura users simply tag the Kaltura video to identify it to Dotsub.  Dotsub automatically ingests a low-resolution proxy copy of the video into our secure system.  The video is then available for captioning – suitable for the hearing impaired, as well as for multiple language translations – which Dotsub does in a few days.  Approved subtitles can then be automatically sent to your video players, transferred to any platform, or exported in many formats.  No additional development, changes to your workflow, or downloads are needed after the initial integration.

Dotsub also works seamlessly with Kaltura’s new video player which features enhanced performance.

Dotsub folks will be available throughout the event.  Please take advantage of the 50% discount that Kaltura has made available to the Dotsub community!

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Dotsub Sponsors Brightcove PLAY Conference – Worldwide!

Dotsub’s long-time tech partnership with the online video platform Brightcove reaches a new level with our sponsorship of their PLAY 2014 Customer Conference World Tour, starting May 8th in New York City, and continuing on to London, Tokyo and Sydney.

Dotsub first integrated with Brightcove’s video hosting platform and players more than five years ago.  Now, with scores of mutual global customers, seamless integration between the two platforms means adding captions and translated subtitles to your videos in Brightcove doesn’t change your workflow at all.

Brightcove users simply tag videos for language services. and Dotsub automatically ingests a low-resolution proxy copy of the video into our secure system.  Video captioning suitable for the hearing-impaired, as well as translations into any language, are done in a few days.  Approved  subtitles can then be automatically sent to your video players, transferred to any platform, or exported in many formats.

But back to the PLAY World Tour!  Brightcove’s four one-day events, focused on digital media innovation and marketing best practices, will gather customers, partners, and industry leaders who are transforming the video across every screen.

Dotsub folks will be available at each event on all four continents, so let’s meet to continue our international media revolution together…

The New York opening keynote will be live streamed at 9 am EDT, so watch it and many other videos via the Brightcove PLAY web siteподдержка сайта на joomlaпродвижение в соц сетях товаровскачать garena plus 2014