Statistics for January 2015

Let’s take a look at’s statistics for the month of January 2015.


We will start with languages.  As usual, the top five remain steady with English, Spanish, French and Czech.  That has remained consistent month-over-month.  The rest of the top 15 languages play a sort of musical chairs amongst themselves.











When we drop the top five the rest come into focus.  German and Dutch shoved Italian down the ranks a bit from last month.











Country of Origin

For the country of origin of visitors to, the U.S. is always on top, but the rest of the rankings are quite volatile.











So, removing the U.S., gives us a better look. The Netherlands and New Zealand are new since last month; while Chile and Slovenia have dropped out of the top twenty.








In January, we had a single visit from Wallis and Futuna, a French “overseas collectivity” made up of tiny and smaller islands.  These forgotten specks lie smack in the center of Polynesia/Melanesia, and make up one of the world’s least known countries.

Their land area is just 142 square km (55 square miles) with a population of approximately 12,000.  The languages spoken are Wallisian (indigenous Polynesian language) 58.9%, Futunian 30.1%, French (official) 10.8%, and other 0.2%.

According to Lonely Planet, the inhabitants, who are markedly more reserved than in most Polynesian isles, are happy to remain under the radar. This French colony has managed to keep its culture remarkably intact through serious Catholicism and a strong French presence. They have figured out how to get all the perks of colonialism without losing their soul.

Futuna is lush jungles and sparking beaches – but is completely without tourist infrastructure.  The island of Wallis is not particularly lovely by Polynesian standards, but does offer a fascinating, traditional culture, some crater lakes and extensive archaeological sites.

And there is a flag!








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