Dotsub Awarded Patent For Its Value Added Platform

Value added online platforms create sustainable marketplaces, allowing supply and demand to combine with the addition of specialized components to enable the desired service to be delivered on the platform itself.

Dotsub is such a value added platform. At its core it makes videos fully indexable by search engines, more easily findable by interested people in any language, understandable and engaging for those who don’t speak the source language of the video. However it doesn’t stop there! Through easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces, Dotsub allows the very process of time coding and captioning of the videos to happen within the browser. Without changing the paradigm, or switching to an off-line tool, once the video is captioned, the translation into any target language follows seamlessly and intuitively. These translations can be done by machines, by the crowd, or trained human professionals.

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Additional steps for reviewing the quality and bringing it up to the expected levels are also part of the user experience. The entire process is guided by a specific tool, once again available simply through the browser, that simplifies workflow management, assignment of tasks and allows the creation of triggers and alarms to automate and notify user project managers of successive handoffs. This is the environment we call the Dotsub Translation Content Management System (TCMS).

The integration of Dotsub with the online video platforms completes the sequence for an end to end solution where content owners can add relevant value to their videos in a simple, cost-effective and high-quality solution. Through our Enterprise solutions, or simply via our ecommerce portal, these services can be delivered to our clients at high quality, rapidly, easily, and cost effectively.

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Being able to create systems that are innovative, easy to use, and sustainable in delivering value to their users is a clear challenge that all startups must necessarily face. We believe that Dotsub successfully faced this challenge, with the help of everybody in our team! This is the reason why we are so proud that the innovation embodied by Dotsub’s approach has been recognized by the United States Patents and Trademarks Office which awarded us with US Patent 8863220 on Oct 14, 2014.маркетинговая компанияyandex объявлениявзломать страницу вконтакте без программ