Scenarist Closed Caption (SCC) file export

NTSCDotsub now supports export into Scenarist Closed Caption (SCC) subtitle files. This is an older NTSC based subtitle format used with broadcast TV.

Our SCC support is limited to the EIA-608 character set, which limits the number of languages we can display. We currently support English, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), French, French (Canada), Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), German, Danish and Italian. We will be happy to expand this as needed for languages that can be rendered with the EIA-608 character set.

Most SCC encoders have limits on the subtitle display area which is a 16 x 32 grid (16 rows and 32 columns). We support files that comply with these rules as well as files that have lines that are too long. Why would we support line lengths that are too long you ask? It turns out one major video provider actually supports this. If you are planning to use SCC as an export format we recommend that you subtitle lines to 32 characters in length.

Our export interface:

Frame Rate: We support the two frame rates outlined in the specification: 29.97 FPS non-drop frame and 29.97 drop frame. To see the difference between the two, you can learn that here:

Control Code Format: Since SCC was intended as a streamed format without transmission control, control codes if repeated are ignored; some systems require control codes to always be doubled. This option enables or disables the doubling of control codes.

Caption Mode: We support two SCC caption modes. Pop on which is the default. This is what you normally see when watching pre-taped content. Captions are shown on the screen and removed. Roll Up which are the type of captions you see when watching ‘live’ programs. Each time a line of captioning is added all the previous lines ‘roll up’ to make room for the new line at the bottom.

SCC Channel: This defines what SCC channel the data is being written for. Valid settings are 1-4.

Subtitle Options:

First time code: This can be 00:00:00:00 or 01:00:00:00 this is for systems that start at the hour mark.

Subtitle Justification: The normal left, right or centered alignment for subtitles.

Max characters per line: Used for file validation, this can be 32 – 28 characters on a line.

Max lines per caption: Used for file validation, this can be 1-4 lines in a caption.

Advanced Options:

Text Wrapping: There are two options here.  The first is As Entered. This will take the subtitles as entered by the captioner. It uses their manually entered line breaks to create the SCC file. Dotsub added a second option called Override. This option was created to make it possible to wrap files where the line breaks are NOT at 32 characters, it works by attempting to re-wrap the captions. It is not 100% effective, but will help in a lot of cases.

Our export interface will walk you through the process and help you ensure your file meets the listed specifications.

If you have any questions please let us know at [email protected].заказать веб сайтузнать тиц яндекснакрутка вконтакте бесплатно