Introducing the Dotsub API

We here at Dotsub are happy to announce our first public API release! Our API is based on industry standard REST principles and you query your videos and subtitles using simple HTTP requests.  The API provides a fast and simple way to query our system programmatically. We provide methods to upload videos and captions, monitor the status of your videos, and access to your video captions.

Our API is comprised of two parts. This first is the ‘Public API’ which is accessible to all Dotsub users. This allows you to query videos, captions and translations.

If you are one of our Enterprise clients, you also have access to the ‘Extended API’. This API extension allows you to programmatically order captions, translations and files from Dotsub. It also provides facilities to monitor your orders and track your captioning and translation costs.

We cannot wait to see what you can create with our API!  Please share your ideas with the community on the discussion forum.

Just have a look at our detailed documentation. We also have added some API Examples on GitHub to get you started. If you have any questions about the API, let us know on the discussion forum.

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