Startup Class Videos Freely Available From Y Combinator and Stanford University

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For the first time in its history famed Silicon Valley accelerator Y Combinator, in collaboration with Stanford University, is making its lecture series teaching how to build a startup freely available to anybody, launching the open Startup Class. The lessons taught by proven startup founders, each of whom created companies that grew to valuations in excess of $1 billion, are posted on YouTube every Tuesday and Thursday. Within a few days from the announcement over 50.000 people signed up to follow them, from all over the world.

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Dotsub is contributing captions to make the videos easily accessible, and we also created a team page where volunteers following the course who speak other languages can sign up to translate the videos into Russian, Korean, Italian… any language!

The first video is available already on YouTube, and we are at this very moment preparing its English time-coded captions. There is also a Facebook group and a mailing list to keep everybody up to date on the program.

We are very excited to help this project which opens the best advice on how to build a successful startup to anybody in the world, and which, with the help of Dotsub and the students everywhere will be available in many languages shortly.управление имиджемреклама с гуглкак узнать пароль от почты outlook