Statistics for May 2014

Here is this month’s edition of our regular section giving you, the Dotsub community, an idea of where in the world our users were using Dotsub and what languages they were working in during the month of May, 2014


Langs top 20










Czech rocketed up the charts from last month’s #7 to #4 pushing French down to #5. Slovakian also moved up to #9 from last month’s #16. Catalan dropped out after a brief appearance last month being replaced by Arabic at #19

I removed the top 5 so that it is a little easier to see the performance of the other languages.

Langs 6-20











In terms of locations, the top 3 remain the same but the Czech Republic leaps to #4 from last month’s #10 and Hungary moves up from #9 to #7. Colombia #12 and Malaysia #16 did not figure in last month’s top 20 at all.

Countries top 20

Again to help see more detail, I have removed the US.

Countries 2-20

As always we look at the other end of the table and see that we have only 3 locations this month with a single visit –  the Falkland Islands, Montserrat and Vanuatu.

For our geography lesson this month, Vanuatu is an island archipelago consisting of approximately 82 relatively small, geologically newer islands of volcanic origin (65 of them inhabited), with about 1,300 kilometers (810 mi) north to south distance between the outermost islands. Two of these islands (Matthew and Hunter) are also claimed by France as part of the French collectivity of New Caledonia. Fourteen of Vanuatu’s islands have surface areas of more than 100 square kilometers (39 sq mi). The country lies between latitudes 13° and 21°S and longitudes 166° and 171°E.

As many of you know, we are in the midst of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Next month we’ll see if there is any correlation between the use of the Dotsub website and the results of the competition.сайтметоды продвижения услугскачать взлом вконтакте без вирусов