What’s the Hardest Language for English Speakers to Learn?

What is the hardest language for English speakers to learn?  Rumor has it that it’s Finnish or maybe Arabic…  Well, the people at zidbits.com  have gathered actual data.

The ease of learning a new language is largely determined by the relationship your target language has to your native tongue, and the complexity of the new language.  Languages that are historically related may share similar vocabulary, syntax and grammar.  Several additional factors play into the difficulty you may have learning another language: how much time you have to spend, availability of language resources that are available to you – and your own motivation.

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  • Me

    This is based on the language alphabets, nothing more.

    • Melisa Penélope

      So think I.

  • Paul

    So French has less than 70 millions native speakers?! How many countries did you forget to count?

  • Melisa Penélope

    What about Hungarian? It´s the most difficult language for us spaniards to learn! Is it easy for you?

  • Bruno

    I’m missing German in the list. Strange, since according to Wikipedia, there are 120 million native speakers (dialects considered).

    Vielleicht ist Deutsch zu einfach?

  • Hans

    Ganz bestimmt! Darum versteht fast jeder auf der Welt Deutsch. 🙂

    Mark Twain said that German was a language for dead because living persons don’t have enough time to lrarn it.

  • http://kabareto.esperanto.cc James Rezende Piton

    Languages are beautiful and each one is unique, even among the others in the same language family; but Esperanto is so easier…