April Fun and Games

Everyone knows that English is contradictory: a house burns up as it burns down.  Sometimes it is just nonsensical: In the U.S., we park on driveways and drive on parkways.  So isn’t it time to put this into poetry form?  This charming video poem English is Crazy is brought to you by Mitch and Greg over at AsapTHOUGHT.

And a Game!

It is common knowledge that games make learning fun.  Here’s a game to help build foreign language vocabulary from Wekanun.  The player chooses a start language (SL) and an end language (EL) from the options available and slects a difficulty level.  The game then generates a puzzle that the player must solve as quickly as possible.  Click on the logo below.






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  • Anamah

    Thank you! I like it, it ‘s very good to practice translation.