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Now Taking E-Commerce orders for Indonesian

Dotsub is happy to announce we now offer Indonesian translations via our e-Commerce feature. This allows anyone to order an Indonesian translation of their video. For more information and a full list of languages click here.

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Dotsub Sponsors Brightcove PLAY Conference – Worldwide!

Dotsub’s long-time tech partnership with the online video platform Brightcove reaches a new level with our sponsorship of their PLAY 2014 Customer Conference World Tour, starting May 8th in New York City, and continuing on to London, Tokyo and Sydney.

Dotsub first integrated with Brightcove’s video hosting platform and players more than five years ago.  Now, with scores of mutual global customers, seamless integration between the two platforms means adding captions and translated subtitles to your videos in Brightcove doesn’t change your workflow at all.

Brightcove users simply tag videos for language services. and Dotsub automatically ingests a low-resolution proxy copy of the video into our secure system.  Video captioning suitable for the hearing-impaired, as well as translations into any language, are done in a few days.  Approved  subtitles can then be automatically sent to your video players, transferred to any platform, or exported in many formats.

But back to the PLAY World Tour!  Brightcove’s four one-day events, focused on digital media innovation and marketing best practices, will gather customers, partners, and industry leaders who are transforming the video across every screen.

Dotsub folks will be available at each event on all four continents, so let’s meet to continue our international media revolution together…

The New York opening keynote will be live streamed at 9 am EDT, so watch it and many other videos via the Brightcove PLAY web siteподдержка сайта на joomlaпродвижение в соц сетях товаровскачать garena plus 2014

March Website Statistics

Here is this month’s edition of our regular section giving you, the Dotsub community, an idea of where in the world our users are using Dotsub and what languages they are working in during the month of March, 2014


Arabic is moving up the top 20,  entering last month at 19 and moving up to 17 this month. The top 10 are the same as last month and Korean moves up from 17 to 11. Although it hasn’t been in the top 20 for the last couple of months Catalan has been waiting in the wings at 21 in February and March.

I removed the top 4 so that it is a little easier to see the performance of the other languages.

Langs2In terms of locations, Argentina is showing some love moving up from 15 to 8, Slovakia moving into the top 20 at the expense of New Zealand.

Country1Again to help see more detail, I have removed the US.


As always we look at the other end of the table and see that we have only 2 locations this month with a single visit – the African nation of The Republic of Congo and the South Pacific island of Tonga. Of interest to childhood stamp collectors and readers of the Guinness Book of World Records, San Marino, which claims to be the oldest surviving sovereign state and constitutional republic in the world, as the continuation of the monastic community founded on 3 September 301, had 10 visits.техника написания продающих текстовпроверить сайт в яндексеcifrolom ru скачать полную версию

April Fun and Games

Everyone knows that English is contradictory: a house burns up as it burns down.  Sometimes it is just nonsensical: In the U.S., we park on driveways and drive on parkways.  So isn’t it time to put this into poetry form?  This charming video poem English is Crazy is brought to you by Mitch and Greg over at AsapTHOUGHT.

And a Game!

It is common knowledge that games make learning fun.  Here’s a game to help build foreign language vocabulary from Wekanun.  The player chooses a start language (SL) and an end language (EL) from the options available and slects a difficulty level.  The game then generates a puzzle that the player must solve as quickly as possible.  Click on the logo below.






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Spotlight on the Institute for Integrative Nutrition





Celebrating over 20 years in improving health and happiness world-wide, today the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) is the world’s largest nutrition school.  Their Health Coach Training Program combines online learning, coaching techniques and real-world business training.  In an on-going project, Dotsub has provided captioning of 600 videos clocking in at over 220 hours.  These videos form part of IIN’s core curriculum which can be viewed online as well as be downloaded to Android or Apple smartphones or tablets.  IINcallout1

In fact, this deployment flexibility was an important factor in deciding to work with Dotsub.  “The user experience is paramount,” states Heather Neufeld, IIN’s Director of Education, “Our students need to be able to access video from anywhere, anytime and that means a wide variety of formats – including the burn in capabilities – that Dotsub supplies.”

In the beginning, the depth and breadth of the video materials were daunting.  IIN takes a holistic approach to wellness and the comprehensive curriculum covers 150 dietary theories.  IIN has always adopted the latest in technology to educate so their investment in video had resulted in a very large library.  Organizing the sequence of video captioning to meet the requirements of on-going class rollout added more complexity.  Working closely together, Dotsub’s Production Management team was instrumental in IIN’s prioritization and planning.   So far, every production deadline has been met.

IIN supplies Dotsub with the original videos in MP4 format.  Dotsub captions the video.  The IIN tem then edits the captions.  “The Dotsub captioning interface is easy to use.  It is very important that we can edit the captions ourselves to insure that the technical vocabulary and usage is correct,” continues Neufeld.  The exported video files can be delivered in a variety of ways – IIN usually uses DFXP, SRT and the burned in captions files (MP4 ).

Nutrition is a complex field with many technical terms and relationships.  Video is an ideal medium for self-paced learning as users can replay and reread sections at their own speed.  In addition, the 508 compliant captions gives access for hearing impaired viewers as well as for people who have English as a 2nd language.

But the job is not done.  IIN rolls out more than 6 new classes that use video every year.


More than 40,000 Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches make up a vibrant community that includes all U.S. states and 100 other countries.  As awareness of the importance of preventative care grows, health coaching is seen as an increasingly vital aspect of creating health and wellbeing.  And as more and more medical professionals recognize the vital importance of health coaches, the demand will grow world-wide.  To keep up might require delivery in translated content.  Captioning is the first step to translation.  Neufeld will only say, “Captioning puts us in a good position for the future.”

IIN’s mission is to play a crucial role in improving health and happiness, and through that process, create a ripple effect that transforms the world. Dotsub is happy to play a part.

As the variety of import and export formats was important to IIN’s decision making process, we have included a listing here.  If you don’t see what you need, please drop us a note at


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Crowdsourcing – The Dotsub Way

Dotsub Communities – the varied faces of crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing is the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, and especially from an online community, rather than from traditional employees or suppliers.

We have many types of companies and communities using the community based features of Dotsub and they use them in a variety of ways. Here we explore three very diverse applications of Dotsub and crowdsourcing:  Adobe, a multinational computer software company, which has created an entire concept around the Dotsub technology, the Girl Rising Project, a global campaign for girls’ education, which uses our Team functionality, and FRHI Hotels & Resorts, a Toronto, Canada based hotel management company which uses the standard functionality to an outstanding effect providing information to employees all over the world.

Adobe TV

The first example of using crowdsourcing with Dotsub is Adobe TV. Adobe TV is Adobe’s online video resource for expert instruction and Adobe Screen 1inspiration about their products. There are many videos available to teach you how to use Photoshop, Acrobat, Illustrator and many more of Adobe’s industry leading products. All of their videos are in English and they soon realized that there were many people who wanted to know about their products but would much prefer to see the video in their own language. To translate all of these videos to multiple languages would have been a very expensive task so they did their research, and chose Dotsub. We put our heads together and came up with the Adobe TV Community Translation project.

Adobe used Dotsub’s API (everything you can do with Dotsub’s technology is available through the API) to create a unique user experience.  Interested parties apply to be a translators and once they are accepted they can volunteer to provide translations in their language of qualification, earn Adobe points and see their names in lights.

The Adobe TV Community Translation project is a collaborative endeavor that brings a wide variety of free training, expert tips, inspiration, and information about Adobe products and services to viewers worldwide. Supported by a dedicated community of translators, this Adobe Screen 4project enables volunteers to extend the reach of Adobe TV content by translating episodes into any language they choose. At launch, more than 36 Adobe TV episodes were posted in over 25 languages, and new translations are being posted all the time.

To make it more attractive to translators Adobe TV uses some gamification techniques. There is no payment for completing translations. For every minute of video you translate, you earn Adobe TV points. Translators with the most Adobe TV points get their profile featured in the Translator Showcase. The Translator Showcase provides additional details about you and enables viewers to easily find all your translations. The five translators with the most points get the most prominent placement in the Translator Showcase.

Today, Adobe TV has had videos translated into 44 languages with 40 more in progress including Korean, Chinese, Icelandic, Urdu and Bulgarian.

Girl Rising

Girl Rising is a global campaign for girls’ education. They use the power of storytelling, leveraged through partnerships, to share the simple truth GirlRising Screen 1that educating girls can transform societies. They unite girls, women, boys and men who believe every girl has the right to go to school and the right to reach her full potential.

Girl Rising has a feature film, behind-the-scenes videos, advocacy trailers and a free standards-aligned school curriculum which are designed to raise awareness and inspire individuals to take action. They use a combination of professional translators for the feature film, which stars many big name Hollywood actors, and volunteer translators for the supporting material.

Girl Rising decided to keep the various translation projects organized by using Dotsub’s Team collaboration and Project functionality.  The Team feature provides a GirlRising Screen 2unique and configurable URL and landing page on Dotsub specific to your Team along with a listing of all the members of the workgroup that have joined to work on your Team’s videos.  Working in conjunction with Dotsub Projects, the Team leader can create a well-defined group of videos for the Team to work on and has access to Dotsub’s powerful Enterprise Translation Content Management System (TCMS) platform for Teams.

The TCMS interface is the standard way to access Dotsub’s captioning and translation functionality. Volunteer translators can choose a language from over 200 in the Dotsub system – as many translations can be underway at once as there are languages. Girl Rising has translations in 10 or so languages including Hindi, Khmer, Malay, Tamil, Thai and Vietnamese.


FHRI is a hotel management company with, at last count, over 100 hotels and resorts in 30 countries worldwide. Every quarter, they publish a video newsletter with the goal of reaching every employee worldwide and making them all feel that it is their newsletter. This time the crowd is internal to the company.  First, Dotsub transcribes and captions it in English and then FRHI requests that employees in each country translate the video using the native TCMS interface. When that is done, MP4 files are ordered and then downloaded to the relevant country so that they can be watched at staff meetings and at the convenience of the staff. FRHI reports that results have been excellent and employee morale and involvement are at an all-time high.


Crowdsourcing is part of the everyday world at Dotsub and is an important and integrated part of our offering whether it is for a sophisticated customized solution for a multinational software giant, a movement to make our world a little better, or a company who simply wants all their employees to be a member of their global gameзаказать контентпрога для взлома одноклассников

Dotsub Not Affected By OpenSSL Bug

Earlier this month information was released about a bug in OpenSSL. This bug is known as the Heartbleed and affects OpenSSL versions 1.0.1 through 1.0.1f . Dotsub was not using any affected OpenSSL versions. odnobot.comконтекстная реклама показыскачать программу для взлома паролей на пк

Dotsub’s Michael Smolens Serves as Panelist and Judge at CMU Summit


Carnegie Mellon University hosted the CMU Summit on US-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship on April 19-20, 2014.  Michael Smolens, Dotsub Founder and Chairman and CMU graduate, was a panelist on the Innovation and Entrepreneurship panel at this prestigious conference.  Mr. Smolens also served as a judge in the New Venture Competition.

Over 150 teams from top-tier universities have submitted executive summaries to the Summit’s New Venture Competition. Dotsub has offered free use of our technology to allow the videos from the 8 – 10 finalists to be subtitled by the contestants and friends into Chinese to add a great cross cultural tone to the event.

The CMU Summit is a high-profile forum, where leading entrepreneurs, executives, venture capitalists and researchers from both China and United States convene to address big issues on economy and technology, and to further cultivate potential opportunities for mutual partnerships.




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FCC’s New Caption Quality Standards Are Tough!

FCC defines four non-technical quality standards as the components necessary to ensure that closed captions provided by Video Programming Distributors (VPDs) — “defined as all entities who provide video programming directly to customers’ homes, regardless of distribution technology used” —  to fully and effectively convey the content of television programming to people who cannot hear to the same extent that the audio track conveys this content to people who are able to hear: 

 1. Accuracy: To be accurate, captions must reflect the dialogue and other sounds and music in the audio track to the fullest extent possible based on the type of the programming, and must identify the speakers. 

2. Synchronicity: In order to be synchronous, captions must coincide with their corresponding dialogue and other sounds to the fullest extent possible based on the type of the programming, and must appear at a speed that can be read by viewers. 

3. Program Completeness: For a program’s captions to be complete, they must run from the  beginning to the end of the program, to the fullest extent possible, based on the type of the programming.

4. Placement: For proper placement, captions may not cover up other important on-screen information, such as character faces, featured text, graphics, or other information essential to the understanding or accessing of a program’s content.

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