Another Clever Turn of Phrase

We at Dotsub spent a lot of time thinking about and learning about language.  Sometimes what we come across is quite dry and academic, but on occasion we find items that are charming and even poetic! Here are 11 untranslatable (but illustrate-able) words that should be in English but are not!

Words and illustrations by Ella Frances Sanders from Maptia.









 cheat2014контекстная реклама в поисковых системахперехват трафика с роутера

  • Tom Wyatt

    The Russian expression “noyemyyka pochemuchka” seems to me very much like the English expression “nosy parker”.

    • Лёша Картошин

      I’ve read a definition and seems like ‘nosy parker’ has a bit negative connotation and ‘pochemuchka’ is almost always a child who just asks a lot of questions about the world. In English it is something like ‘little whyer’.

  • Paula Silva

    I have to say that the word ‘sobremesa’ is not a Spanish word but a Portuguese word and it means desert