HealthPhone Needs Your Help!

UPDATE:  Healthphone has WON the 2013 Katerva People’s Choice Award!   


HealthPhone Named as a Finalist for the 2013 Katerva Award   healthphonelogo

We at Dotsub are always proud to see members of our community getting the recognition they deserve and our colleagues at HealthPhone are on the verge of receiving an award that would make a world of difference to them.

HealthPhone has been selected as a finalist for the 2013 Katerva People’s Choice Award!  And you can help: Please vote for HealthPhone before the 28th of March on the Katerva website.

You do need to register but it only takes a few seconds to benefit such a good cause.  Because women are usually responsible for their families’ healthcare, vote for HealthPhone under the category of Gender Equality.

Your help is needed: Vote by 28 March!


The winner of the Katerva People Choice Award has access to a network of legal and business advisors, and gets great publicity.  The Award recognizes that the winner’s solution is credible and proven and will make a worldwide difference.  It is also a huge morale boost for dedicated volunteers.

HealthPhone is using Dotsub to crowd-source translation of its library of healthcare videos. With help from volunteers from Translators without Borders, videos are currently available in 63 languages.  For the pilot projects in India, videos were translated into 18 different languages.

“The very poorest of us all want to be connected,” states Nand Wadhwani, visionary and founder of HealthPhone, “and with HealthPhone that connection can save lives and improve the quality of those lives.”

HealthPhone supplies authoritative content in the native language– video, audio and text – that is pre-loaded onto a microSD memory card, for use in a mobile phone, and distributed to those who would otherwise have no way of getting this vital information.  Imagine passing on to poor and vulnerable people simple techniques of sanitary food handling, nutrition, personal hygiene, and basic medical procedures!  But this is not fantasy, as the pilot projects in India have shown.

Working with the government’s network of healthcare workers that was already in place, data was collected on pre- and post-implementation hand washing rates and hygiene, immunization uptake, as well as breastfeeding rates and the use of oral rehydration salts to treat diarrhea.  Early analysis of these data shows that HealthPhone users show an increase in hand washing with soap, increase in early and exclusive breastfeeding, greater use of oral rehydration salts and a more complete round of routine immunizations for infants and young children.

Encouraged by these results, feedback and anecdotal evidence, the state government has committed to expanding the project immediately to reach 50% of the population (56 million) in 15 districts, to be expanded to all districts by the end of 2014.nandquote

HealthPhone provides key life-saving information on tap, without a signal, without a connection cost, in a local language.  HealthPhone is quickly scalable for other regions and languages and works on a variety of popular and low-end handset models and platforms.

The Katerva Award Winner gains significant support with the aim of implementing the winning project for maximum impact. Remember to show your support today!  Visit and vote for HealthPhone!




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