Vimeo Captioning – An Update


The big news in the online video world was the release of a complete rebuild of the Vimeo player, including among other things, support for the ability to add closed captioning and translated subtitles to videos.

The functionality is still in it’s early stages and some additional features are certainly going to be developed in the future. Currently, the caption and subtitle files can be downloaded from your Dotsub account and uploaded to Vimeo manually. As of today 24 of the more popular languages are supported, with a request to let them know if yours isn’t covered.

We reached out to Matt Schwarz, Senior Manager, Content + Community at Vimeo, and asked him about this milestone. Matt said: “The release of our new player brought a ton of new features that you can read about on our post. The support for captions and translated subtitles is especially exciting, as it was a long time favorite request of our users.”

We are in constant communication with the group implementing the captioning, providing feedback – and we are currently beta testing the APIs. We are also sure that Vimeo would love to hear from you, their users, about what you would like to see supported in the upcoming updates to their captioning support.

Here is an example of a video playing on Vimeo with 8 subtitle files uploaded from Dotsub.

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