Idaho AEYC

Dotsub Customer Spotlight:  Idaho AEYC


The Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children (Idaho AEYC) uses subtitling in Spanish to provide Professional Training for Early Child Care Providers. It has a vision that all children should thrive wherever they grow and learn.  Idaho AEYC is made up of early educators, innovative leaders, and community members who come together to share knowledge, inspiration and to pursue a common interest.  They work to improve the quality of early learning programs and to influence the future of early care and education throughout Idaho.

Idaho AEYC successfully achieves its mission through two primary methods: Professional Membership for child care providers and early educators, and the IdahoSTARS Project, a state professional development system for improving early care practices.

“Our inclusive approach can only be achieved by recognizing diversity in terms of culture and language and it´s here where tools like Dotsub allow us to engage Child Care Providers and families whose first language is not English.” – The Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children


As is true in so many states in America, the Hispanic population is the fastest growing segment in Idaho.  The IdahoSTARS project has begun with the introduction of Spanish subtitles.  There are a considerable number of non-English speakers offering child care services, hence the need to provide subtitles on their training resources.  The group is considering other languages, such as Arabic and Somali, in the future.

Dotsub is proud that our toolset can help Idaho AEYC achieve the ideal that all children deserve to live a satisfying childhood and develop to their full potential in a safe and healthy environment.



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