We now support Bitcoin as a payment option

It was pretty amazing to give a talk about “Bitcoin for Merchants” at the location of Bitcoin Center New York right where the New York Stock Exchange is, at Wall Street, and announce that Dotsub now supports Bitcoin as a payment option.

If you have not heard about Bitcoin yet, you will. But if you already have and use Bitcoin, you can now use it to pay for captioning and translation of your videos on Dotsub. Very simply, during the last step of your payment process, click on the Checkout button, and choose Bitcoin instead of Credit Card.

Screenshot 2014-01-11 15.00.44Choose Bitcoin for paying at checkout

 Easy, secure, and convenient!

We are looking forward to supporting the Bitcoin economy with additional features and developments in the future. And if you want to support us supporting the Bitcoin economy, of course we accept your donations in Bitcoin!

Screenshot 2014-01-11 15.01.01


Donate to address 1Q4rjNChfWGZx8W8z643RHY9mzKEi3Etjo

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