A Clever Turn of Phrase

Culture and language are so deeply entwined that it difficult to tease them apart.  We use our words to express ourselves and to interact with the society that our languages have built.  So when different cultures and languages collide it can be pretty amusing.  And when our own language falls short – then, we should look to other cultures to make it better.  Here are  38 Wonderful Foreign Words We Could Use in English  including one for “grief bacon”.

But nothing is as informative about a culture as its insults.  One of the signs of our cultural decline is that insults are no longer witty or wry – but now are name calling or worse.  So again for inspiration we look to the rest of the world for more clever retorts.  The Multilingual Insult Generator.

If you are up for a rather long article – a blogger shares her observations of culture and culture formation that is reflected by the stories we tell our kids.  Children’s stories reveal much about the cultures that tell them.  All have their princesses and princes, heroes and monsters, but not all have happy endings.размещение рекламы в лифтахагентство скрытый маркетингпоиск телефона по imei коду