November Web Site Statistics

Here are the latest statistics from the Dotsub website. These graphs use data from November. As always we take a look at where the Dotsub visitors originate (the country where they are located when they visited the site) and also map the language they use to interact with the website.

In the country stats, while most of the visitors still originate from the United States, we are very pleased to see that other non-English speaking countries are increasing the number of visitors. Spain and France are 2nd and 3rd and Brazil is 6th (with Canada and the UK filling in the top 6).

As always, I like to take a look at the other end of the table and, in November, Greenland, Chad, Turkmenistan and Tonga each registered a single visitor.


The statistics with respect to language are always very skewed towards the English language. November is no different. English represents just over 50% of visitors and Spanish is second with about 18%.

To allow you, dear reader, to see a little more detail, I removed English and Spanish from the graph and it shows a strong showing from French and Portuguese with about 9% and 7% respectively.

Having done for almost a year now I am pleased that the geographic statistics are flattening out. We need to start working on the languages. Let’s get this done Dotsub community!реклама гугл адвордсстратегии продвижения брендаaircrack ng gui