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The Global Lives Project


The season of thinking about others is upon us.  And one of Dotsub’s earliest partners, the Global Lives Project, has created a novel way to do just that!  Global Lives is tackling an audacious challenge: building a world grounded in cross-cultural empathy and global understanding.

The Global Lives Project is a volunteer-based creative collaboration focused on the cultivation of empathy across cultures. The First Ten is their first collection of videos sharing the life experiences of wildly diverse – yet amazingly similar – real people. Framed by the arc of the day and conveyed through the intimacy of video, they have faithfully captured 24 continuous hours in the lives of 10 people from around the world.  Beautifully edited, each of the videos can stand alone but are most powerful seen in relation to one another.  You can visit here but be warned:  these videos are addictive!

“Our mission is to foster a common sense of global empathy through our video library of life experience, our public exhibits and our work in classrooms around the world. Naturally, languages and translations are vital,” says David Evan Harris, Founder and Executive Director of Global Lives.  He continues, “Dotsub has been with us every step of the way for about six years now.  Dotsub was an integral part of this effort and will continue to be for our future projects.”

Currently, Global Lives is working on a campaign to put their educational materials in classrooms around the world to reach 100,000 kids.  The goal is to teach children about empathy, their relationship to the rest of the world, and about their future as global citizens.  Of course, this takes money.  If you would like to find out more about how you can help visit here.

For a non-profit, Global Lives’ facts and figures are amazing.  They have logged over 300 hours of video with Dotsub, have translations in over 30 languages, and have had 1500+ volunteer translators.  And they are always looking for more – Dotsub Community take note!  (To sign up click here).

Their second thematic collection, Lives in Transit, will be released in Spring 2014.  Also, early in 2014, Global Lives will be collaborating with the Smithsonian Institution on a series that centers on speakers of endangered languages.

“The Global Lives Project is a pathbreaking work of public ethnography—it brings the diversity of lived experiences into sharp relief through video, an unwieldy, but ideal medium for this type of endeavor. My colleagues and I at the Smithsonian are excited to be launching a new collaboration with Global Lives to bring a new dimension into the Global Lives collection: linguistic diversity.”

– Joshua A. Bell, Curator of Globalization; Director of Recovering Voices, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution


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A Clever Turn of Phrase

Culture and language are so deeply entwined that it difficult to tease them apart.  We use our words to express ourselves and to interact with the society that our languages have built.  So when different cultures and languages collide it can be pretty amusing.  And when our own language falls short – then, we should look to other cultures to make it better.  Here are  38 Wonderful Foreign Words We Could Use in English  including one for “grief bacon”.

But nothing is as informative about a culture as its insults.  One of the signs of our cultural decline is that insults are no longer witty or wry – but now are name calling or worse.  So again for inspiration we look to the rest of the world for more clever retorts.  The Multilingual Insult Generator.

If you are up for a rather long article – a blogger shares her observations of culture and culture formation that is reflected by the stories we tell our kids.  Children’s stories reveal much about the cultures that tell them.  All have their princesses and princes, heroes and monsters, but not all have happy endings.размещение рекламы в лифтахагентство скрытый маркетингпоиск телефона по imei коду

November Web Site Statistics

Here are the latest statistics from the Dotsub website. These graphs use data from November. As always we take a look at where the Dotsub visitors originate (the country where they are located when they visited the site) and also map the language they use to interact with the website.

In the country stats, while most of the visitors still originate from the United States, we are very pleased to see that other non-English speaking countries are increasing the number of visitors. Spain and France are 2nd and 3rd and Brazil is 6th (with Canada and the UK filling in the top 6).

As always, I like to take a look at the other end of the table and, in November, Greenland, Chad, Turkmenistan and Tonga each registered a single visitor.


The statistics with respect to language are always very skewed towards the English language. November is no different. English represents just over 50% of visitors and Spanish is second with about 18%.

To allow you, dear reader, to see a little more detail, I removed English and Spanish from the graph and it shows a strong showing from French and Portuguese with about 9% and 7% respectively.

Having done for almost a year now I am pleased that the geographic statistics are flattening out. We need to start working on the languages. Let’s get this done Dotsub community!реклама гугл адвордсстратегии продвижения брендаaircrack ng gui

New Feature: Team Collaboration

We at Dotsub are always listening to our users. We have been asked to enhance the collaborative experience for groups that want to work together to transcribe and translate videos.

We are very pleased to announce our new Team feature.

We have created an environment within Dotsub that, when combined with our existing Project functionality, provides a way to create a much more team oriented environment.

A Team will provide

  • A unique and configurable URL and landing page on Dotsub specific to your Team
  • A listing of all the members of the that have joined to work on your videos
  • The ability to work with Projects to create a well defined group of videos for your Team
  • Access to Dotsub’s powerful Enterprise TCMS platform for Teams

This is the introductory functionality of the Team feature. There is lots of additional functionality planned for this feature. You’ll see additions and enhancements to this feature  from our development team in the not too distant future.

For more information contact your account manager or send us an emailfree online mobile gameподобрать ключевые слова онлайнкак стать хакером по компьютеру

New E-Commerce Product Announcement

Dotsub is happy to announce our exciting new e-commerce feature!  You can now get Dotsub quality product without picking up the phone or long email exchanges .  Just upload a video, check a few boxes, use your credit card and we will do the rest, providing you with your captions and translations within 5 business days.

You will still get the excellent service from our project managers and human transcribers and translators that Dotsub is famous for. It’s just that now the way to get them to spring into action on your behalf is so much easier. Everything on our end is exactly the same, including support and timescales.

So how does it work?

You need to be a registered member and you need to upload a video in exactly the same way as before, if you are unclear you can find the instructions here. Once the video has been uploaded you will see an extra option on the My Videos Page.

Screen2 Red Line

Click on “Order Transcription, Translation & Video Files” and your journey begins.

Currently, the available options are a subset of our Enterprise service and are the most commonly used choices. If we are missing what you need let us know so that we can determine how we should extend the variety of offerings.

At the moment, the video must originate in English or Spanish and so therefore must be time coded and captioned in English or Spanish. It may then be translated into six languages: Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, German, Portuguese (Brazil) and English or Spanish (depending on the original language). You may create a video with burned in captions from any or all of the translations. If you don’t order a burn in you will automatically get a .srt file with the option to download any other standard that Dotsub supports (.stl, .dfxp, .ssa. .vtt, etc). You can also order a soft subtitle file that will allow captions to be displayed on an iOS device.
Once the work has been ordered you will asked to confirm your order and then invited to pay. We accept all major credit cards. Your credit card information is not held on the Dotsub site but is held on a PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant server, so it can be used again for e-commerce transactions from Dotsub.

There are two levels of service available from the e-commerce based service

The Basic Service is free and provides the following functionality:

• 25 minute per video time limit
• Option to purchase professional transcription
• Option to purchase professional translation
• Option to purchase web-quality subtitle burn-ins

We also provide the Professional Service for $9.99 monthly or $99.99 annually for which, in addition to the basic functionality, you also get:
• No per video time limit
• Option to purchase high-quality subtitle burn-ins

The work will be done to our usual high, professional standards and when each part of the work is done (e.g. the French translation is complete) you will receive an email pointing to the video in the Dotsub system. You will be then able to log in to your account and retrieve the products you ordered.

Very simple indeed.

If you have any questions about this e-commerce service, check out the web site  or send an emailonline gamesзаказать контекстную рекламу яндекскак взломать почту яндекс без программ