Who has the fastest internet connectivity?

Internet Connectivity We all know that viewing video over the internet demands faster connectivity and it is of course in Dotsub’s interest that connectivity speeds are as fast as possible throughout the world. Akamai has recently released a report that shows which countries have the best average speed – South Korea if you are interested –  and also where the unique IP addresses are located – USA is winning with China catching up.This reporter is very pleased to be above average, at least in the connectivity speed category.

This report also has some statistics about threats from attacks. It turns out that Indonesia is the main culprit here with about 38% of attack traffic. Not surprisingly the US was the most popular target for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

In addition the report provides stats about which is the most popular mobile browser – hint: it is the one that comes with a popular iOS based mobile phone.

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