August Visitor Statistics

Month 6 (August) Country and Language Statistics

These are the month 6 statistics for the website and again there are no real surprises with English running away with the language crown and the USA being the country where most visitors came from. Again I provided the complete language related stats but then removed English and Spanish from the 2nd chart to give you a better idea of where the 3rd – 20th languages stood.




The countries that visited is less of a runaway but, not surprisingly given the previous data, four primarily English speaking countries fill the top 4 slots with Brazil coming in fifth.

I always enjoy the other end of the list where this month Turkmenistan and Tonga have a single visit and the Isle of Man had a strong showing with 151 visits. Growing up in the United Kingdom. the Isle of Man was known for 2 things – motor cycle racing and tax shelters – perhaps this is the beginning of a third thing, multilingual videos.



Statistics for the Past 6 months

English increased from just under 40% of visitors in March to over 70% in August. French started strongly with over 20% for March and April because of a viral video but dropped off significantly in July and August.

In terms of the country that was home to the visitors the USA increased month by month from about 13% in March to about 45% in August. Again part of the issue was the fact that France dropped off significantly in these months.

So that is the story of the past 6 months – here’s looking forward to the next 6 months.продвижение сайта в украинепродвижение сайта по запросамскачать программу для взлома паролей вк