New Features: Line Breaks & Transcription/Translation UI re-design

At Dotsub, we are always working hard to improve our platform. We are happy to announce we have released two new enhancements to our service.

1) We have redesigned our caption and translation user interfaces allowing for a larger video preview.

line break

2) Along with this interface update, we have now added the ability to enter user-defined line breaks. This allows you to break text as you see fit. We do recommend using line breaks only when necessary. Some examples of when to use a line break include: Splitting on-screen graphics from spoken word in a subtitle and creating new lines for multiple speakers.  We make this recommendation based on the WebVTT spec which states the following:

Line breaks in cues are honored. User agents will also insert extra line breaks if necessary to fit the cue in the cue’s width. In general, therefore, authors are encouraged to write cues all on one line except when a line break is definitely necessary, and to not manually line-wrap for aesthetic reasons alone.

Our enterprise clients will be happy to know that these line breaks will be respected in our plugins and burnt-in subtitle video files.адвордсраскрутить сайт знакомствeisa recovery 2 скачать бесплатно