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Singularity University Ambassadors and Labs Use of Dotsub


From its inception, Singularity University (SU) has focused on taking exponential technologies beyond the classroom and into the world, with the goal of addressing humanity’s biggest challenges.

Singularity University’s global community spans over 70 countries around the world. The SU Ambassadors represent the organization around the world, and among other activities, help drive and coordinate SU’s Global Impact Competitions (GIC). The competitions serve as a platform to identify promising innovators and then connect them with larger circles of mentorship in their region.

Watch the video of the GICs – as SU promotes the launch of its 2014 competitions, the community will be able to crowd source the content into local languages.

For SU, another critical use of Dotsub will be enable SU Ambassadors to capture local media coverage that can then be translated back to English so that the entire community can participate in what’s happening globally.



Singularity University Labs is a start-up company accelerator comprised of a community of local and global start-ups. Singularity University Labs provides entrepreneurship programs and space where entrepreneurs can collaborate to build the next great solutions by leveraging exponential technologies in an interdisciplinary way. SU Labs understands that video is becoming the medium of choice and that providing those videos in multiple languages is vital to a company’s success in their chosen field.


Dotsub has joined a distinguished group of SU Labs partners, including Microsoft, Amazon and oDesk,  to make its enterprise services available to SU Labs members in order to help them build successful companies that impact the world. Providing videos in a viewer’s native language has been proved to significantly enhance the impact and SU Labs members can now use our industry leading service to enhance their brand.сумки для macbookпоиск вирусов онлайнскачать программу для взлома паролей