Dotsub’s Global Reach Month 3

Welcome to month 3. As regular readers know, we look at the stats for the previous month, May 2013 in this posting, and find out who looked at the Dotsub website from which country using what language.

The total amount of visitors to the website increased by about 40% overall. France dropped precipitously from first place with about 23% of the visits in April to fourth place with about 8% in May and had about a 50% drop in actual visits. The USA is now in first place with 26% compared to a second place 15% last month. Australia increased from about 3% to 5%. There were 1 visit each from Micronesia and Sierra Leone. There were visits from 222 locations in May, down from 224 in April. Greenland increased its visits sixfold this month.




We have only looked at the top 10 languages in this posting as the vast majority of visits were in English (over 66% this month compared to 47% in April) and therefore the remaining languages outside the top 7 struggled to reach 1%. Again the top four languages English, French, Spanish and Portuguese account for over 88% of the total.


As always the offer to write the newsletter in the language that is used most by our visitors stands. I thought that I was going to have to brush up my French, mais malheureusement ils m’ont déçu ce mois-ci. There was a slightly worrying moment when the Dotsub guy responsible for our web site threatened to boost the Navajo stats, and I was also slightly concerned that our Klingon visitors may have surged (see our ARKYD posting)

See you all next month.продвижение товаров в социальных сетяхраскрутка сайта цена киеввзломать вай фай с компьютера