Dotsub file services

While everyone knows Dotsub excels in online video content, some of you might not be aware that our Enterprise Service also provides offline subtitled video content. If you are presenting a video at a conference that needs subtitles, where you are not sure whether you will  have internet connectivity or if you need content with subtitles that will render on mobile devices then Dotsub can provide both!

Dotsub currently offers two types of file services.

The first being ‘burnt in’ subtitles. In this case Dotsub takes your uploaded video and re-creates it with the subtitles embedded into the video track. This is the most mobile of file options. Since the subtitles are now part of the video, any device that can play a video will show the subtitles.

Arkyd Burn In

Our second file offering is called ‘Soft Subtitles’. These are video files that contain the subtitles as a separate track in the video file. This allows the user to select the language they wish to see. Not all players currently support this method of subtitling, but support is constantly expanding. Our current soft subtitle solution created files that can be viewed on iOS devices, QuickTime and VLC.


Our Enterprise clients have been using these file services for over 2 years and we are always improving these file services as new devices and standards come along.

We are looking forward to open  this feature up to all members of the Dotsub community in the near future.реклама интернет магазинаpr брендаботы для вконтакте бесплатно