Out of this world

Every now and again a project comes along that connects with your inner astronaut. It takes you back to the time when you first saw the footage of the Apollo astronauts on the moon (am I dating myself here?). One such project is ARKYD from Planetary Resources. ARKYD is a Space Telescope for Everyone.

By its very nature, ARKYD is a global project, so working with Dotsub to make their video accessible in multiple languages was a natural fit. Dotsub provided the ability for Planetary Resources to make its main video available in multiple languages, not just its original English.

So far the video is available in  Spanish (Español), German (Deutsch)French (Français)EnglishCroatian (Hrvatski), Hebrew (עברית), Russian (Российская), Português (Brasil)Swedish (Svenska)Japanese (日本語) and Chinese (中文)—  and they are adding new translations all the time!

*** New language added *** The video is now available in Klingon (tlhIngan), just in case !!!

Frank Mycroft, Planetary Resources’ Director of Strategy said “Supporters around the world were eager to view our campaign in their native language and many were willing to translate for us.  Dotsub’s technology and experience provided an excellent way to enable our community to do precisely that and help make ARKYD even more accessible to the world”.

ARKYD is the first publicly accessible space telescope! It allows you to take amazing photos of space or have your photo displayed above the Earth and has a Kickstarter project to help fund the crowdsourced aspects of the telescope.

Planetary Resources is establishing a new paradigm for resource discovery and utilization that will bring the solar system into humanity’s sphere of influence. The first step is the launching a fleet of ARKYD spacecraft to identify asteroids that are ripe for further exploration.  This same capability has numerous other potential applications in education and research, including getting the world excited again about space exploration.

Dotsub is very pleased to be associated with the Planetary Resources’ ARKYD project.

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