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Dotsub’s Global Reach Month 3

Welcome to month 3. As regular readers know, we look at the stats for the previous month, May 2013 in this posting, and find out who looked at the Dotsub website from which country using what language.

The total amount of visitors to the website increased by about 40% overall. France dropped precipitously from first place with about 23% of the visits in April to fourth place with about 8% in May and had about a 50% drop in actual visits. The USA is now in first place with 26% compared to a second place 15% last month. Australia increased from about 3% to 5%. There were 1 visit each from Micronesia and Sierra Leone. There were visits from 222 locations in May, down from 224 in April. Greenland increased its visits sixfold this month.




We have only looked at the top 10 languages in this posting as the vast majority of visits were in English (over 66% this month compared to 47% in April) and therefore the remaining languages outside the top 7 struggled to reach 1%. Again the top four languages English, French, Spanish and Portuguese account for over 88% of the total.


As always the offer to write the newsletter in the language that is used most by our visitors stands. I thought that I was going to have to brush up my French, mais malheureusement ils m’ont déçu ce mois-ci. There was a slightly worrying moment when the Dotsub guy responsible for our web site threatened to boost the Navajo stats, and I was also slightly concerned that our Klingon visitors may have surged (see our ARKYD posting)

See you all next month.продвижение товаров в социальных сетяхраскрутка сайта цена киеввзломать вай фай с компьютера

Dotsub file services

While everyone knows Dotsub excels in online video content, some of you might not be aware that our Enterprise Service also provides offline subtitled video content. If you are presenting a video at a conference that needs subtitles, where you are not sure whether you will  have internet connectivity or if you need content with subtitles that will render on mobile devices then Dotsub can provide both!

Dotsub currently offers two types of file services.

The first being ‘burnt in’ subtitles. In this case Dotsub takes your uploaded video and re-creates it with the subtitles embedded into the video track. This is the most mobile of file options. Since the subtitles are now part of the video, any device that can play a video will show the subtitles.

Arkyd Burn In

Our second file offering is called ‘Soft Subtitles’. These are video files that contain the subtitles as a separate track in the video file. This allows the user to select the language they wish to see. Not all players currently support this method of subtitling, but support is constantly expanding. Our current soft subtitle solution created files that can be viewed on iOS devices, QuickTime and VLC.


Our Enterprise clients have been using these file services for over 2 years and we are always improving these file services as new devices and standards come along.

We are looking forward to open  this feature up to all members of the Dotsub community in the near future.реклама интернет магазинаpr брендаботы для вконтакте бесплатно

The Reading Movie

We always are trying to show the different projects being translated using the Dotsub system and today we would like to share ‘Stay Human – The Reading Movie‘. This a film featuring the reading of the 19 chapters of Vittorio Arrigoni’s book ‘Gaza – Stay Human’, a diary and the only daily testimony of the 22 days of bombing occurred during the so-called operation ‘Cast Lead’ launched by the Israeli government against the civilians of the Gaza Strip between the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009, in which more than 1,400 people lost their lives, mainly civilians, and more than 400 children were killed.



This movie features the complete reading of Vittorio Arrigoni’s daily diary, the witness of a massacre in progress during the military operation called Cast Lead, unleashed by the Israeli government against the Gaza Strip’s civilians between the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009.

The 19 readers are Alberto Arce, Huwaida Arraf, Massimo Arrigoni, Mohamed Bakri, Ronnie Barkan, Egidia Beretta Arrigoni, Hilarion Capucci, Noam Chomsky, Maria Elena Delia, Norman Finkelstein, Don Andrea Gallo, Stéphane Hessel, Mairead Corrigan Maguire,Luisa Morgantini, Akiva Orr, Moni Ovadia, Ilan Pappé, Roger Waters, Rabbi David Weiss.

It is a film by Fulvio Renzi, directed by Luca Incorvaia, Full reading of the book “Gaza – Stay Human” written by Vittorio Arrigoni, Co-produced with over 1700 people’s support.
The film was shot in Italy, North America, Israel, Palestine, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Germany, Czech Republic between April 2011 and October 2012. The original Motion Picture Soundtrack Music is by Fulvio Renzi With: Paki Zennaro | Vincenzo Zitello | Gilad Atzmon | Fakhraddin Gafarov | Marco Messina | Emanuele Wiltsch Barberio | David Boato | Romina Salvadori | Adriano Clera | Gionata Mirai | Yuriko Mikami

The film footage consists of alternate shots to the eyes and the mouths of the above-mentioned personalities who read, in turn, the book chapters. The final part of each reading ends with a closeup to the ‘character’ who reads the last lines up to the motto ‘Stay Human’, with which Vittorio ended his chapters. Every chapter is recorded at the first take in order to preserve the emotional expressiveness of the reader. Since this work cannot be categorized as a documentary, a film, a theatrical reading or nothing we are aware of, we had to identify a genre to fit it in that we called as ‘Reading Movie’, the film of a reading.

Dotsub is providing its technology to bring this movie to the world  and it is currently being translated on the Dotsub website and currently the translations include Arabic, Italian, Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese, English and Urdu. Why don’t you visit and add your skills and expertise.droidolomконтекстная раскрутка сайта рамблербаза паролей 2014

How to dominate business in the Digital World

Every now and again an event comes around that we think is unique. We don’t use the adjective lightly, but we have no problem using it about The Digital Domination Summit (DDS), a free online event featuring digital thought leaders and influencers from around the world. These experts, including our CEO, David Orban, will share video messages or interviews with Marco Montemagno, an Italian digital entrepreneur. The event premiers on June 28th, 2013 and you can register now, for free.

Join well known members of the digital eco-system including Kathryn Minshew, CEO & Founder of The Muse, Guy Kawasaki of Google and Seth Godin, Founder of Squidoo, author and blogger, as they discuss how to succeed in the digital world. Videos are offered on-demand so that you can access them whenever you want.

On June 28th, the event DDS will be fully transcribed by Dotsub and translated into 12 languages .actual-spy.ruраскрутка сайта туристическим фирмамузнать анонимов на аск фм онлайн

Out of this world

Every now and again a project comes along that connects with your inner astronaut. It takes you back to the time when you first saw the footage of the Apollo astronauts on the moon (am I dating myself here?). One such project is ARKYD from Planetary Resources. ARKYD is a Space Telescope for Everyone.

By its very nature, ARKYD is a global project, so working with Dotsub to make their video accessible in multiple languages was a natural fit. Dotsub provided the ability for Planetary Resources to make its main video available in multiple languages, not just its original English.

So far the video is available in  Spanish (Español), German (Deutsch)French (Français)EnglishCroatian (Hrvatski), Hebrew (עברית), Russian (Российская), Português (Brasil)Swedish (Svenska)Japanese (日本語) and Chinese (中文)—  and they are adding new translations all the time!

*** New language added *** The video is now available in Klingon (tlhIngan), just in case !!!

Frank Mycroft, Planetary Resources’ Director of Strategy said “Supporters around the world were eager to view our campaign in their native language and many were willing to translate for us.  Dotsub’s technology and experience provided an excellent way to enable our community to do precisely that and help make ARKYD even more accessible to the world”.

ARKYD is the first publicly accessible space telescope! It allows you to take amazing photos of space or have your photo displayed above the Earth and has a Kickstarter project to help fund the crowdsourced aspects of the telescope.

Planetary Resources is establishing a new paradigm for resource discovery and utilization that will bring the solar system into humanity’s sphere of influence. The first step is the launching a fleet of ARKYD spacecraft to identify asteroids that are ripe for further exploration.  This same capability has numerous other potential applications in education and research, including getting the world excited again about space exploration.

Dotsub is very pleased to be associated with the Planetary Resources’ ARKYD project.

This article was updated June 18, 2013 at 18:00 online gameразработка сайта яндекспрограмма для взлома вай фай на пк

Dotsub at Streaming Media East

Dotsub’s CEO, David Orban, led a panel at the recent Streaming Media East 2013 (SME 2013) in New York City. David led a group of Dotsub customers and partners in discussing how the transcribing, translating and captioning of videos has improved their business. Helping us on the panel were Tim Tyler of Coldwell Banker, Santiago Muro of WOBI and Marc Osofsky of Lionbridge.

Here is the video of the entire panel session from SME 2013.

In an article by Troy Dreier, a little of the discussion was chronicled, concentrating primarily on the point of view of Marc Osofsky, SVP and CMO for translation company Lionbridge Technologies.  Marc stated that “Companies are increasingly creating their own video studios and taking that work away from agencies. They’re creating video for marketing, training, corporate communications, and other areas. They’re getting sophisticated with green screens and other effects, and are hiring staff away from agencies. He also said he’s surprised at how quickly that entire process is happening. He also felt that “Companies then struggle with how to translate their videos for other countries.”

He continued “Traditional approaches to translating video, such as getting a professional and creating a voice over track, are “too slow and too costly”. Going with Google Translate produces subtitles cluttered with errors and leads to viewer complaints. Solutions that offer fast turnaround and low price come at varying degrees of quality. Companies may decide to go with lower quality solutions for internal use, to save money, but spend more for higher-quality customer-facing videos.”

“Some experts now believe that 20 percent of all corporate communications should be video.  Keeping up with that demand is tough: companies currently face weeks of delay when launching new products since they can’t create multi-language video fast enough to keep up with their launch cycles. One solution to getting multiple-language support quickly is to create keywords in that new language and then crowdsource the actual translation. ”

There were questions of how does the content owner know whether it is commercially beneficial to translate video into specific languages.  Other speakers suggested that content owners wait to see if there is interest from a country before investing in a separate language track for it.

There is a lot of information in this video, watch it and tell us your thoughts on the subjects raised in it.

Read Troy’s full article on – Translating Videos Opens Up New Regions, Leads to Big Savings

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