Dotsub’s Global Reach – month 2

This is the 2nd month that we have collected the stats from our web site to show from which countries Dotsub is visited the most and which languages those visitors use. We started  looking at this data for March 2013.

The list of countries and their order is very similar from March to April. Israel has made an appearance coming in at #20 taking over that spot from Slovenia. Canada jumped from 7th place to 3rd with other countries shuffling down accordingly. We did remove 41 visits from the International Space Station on April 1st –  those whacky Google guys.

Again, the winning country is France and in April there were visitors from 224 locations (a location is very analogous to a country to the casual viewer, although political geographers may disagree). Greenland, Guinea-Bissau, Turkmenistan and St Barts (in the Caribbean) bring up the rear with a single visitor from each.

April’s countries

Countries comparison


April’s Languages

Not surprisingly, based on the country data, Hebrew made its debut at number 20 at the expense of Slovenian. The top 4 languages English, French, Spanish and Portuguese account for over 86% of the traffic while the top 20 account for about 98.3% of the total visits. In future posts we will explore the role that country “dialects” play in these stats e.g. what percentage of the Portuguese speakers speak Portuguese from Portugal vs Portuguese from Brazil.

March vs April Languages’

Don’t forget – whichever language gets the most visitors is the language in which we will write the next months Dotsub newsletter. Notice the way that I put this at the end of the posting hoping that nobody mobiкомплексная реклама в интернетвзломать скайп по логину