Changing healthcare throughout the world

As Dotsub provides its technologies to more and more industries, there are areas where we believe that we can make a real difference to the world. In those areas we are forming alliances with major players in the market place. We will talk about several of our alliances in upcoming Blog posts, and the first one that we want to spotlight is Videum. Our partner in Videum is Razorfish Healthware, which was profiled in April 2013’s edition of Med Ad News.

Razorfish Healthware – Med Ad Article

Videum is the first on line global health ecosystem, embracing video, social and mobile media. Over 4billion videos are watched every day on YouTube alone and about 1 in 3 people watch health videos. Of those people over 90% take action after watching that video. In addition, more than 2/3 of Healthcare Providers use online video to learn and keep up to date with clinical information.

In a past blog entry we have shown how Videum can make a difference, and we believe that working with Razorfish Healthware we can be a major positive and disruptive force in the way that people interact with Healthcare Professionals, Pharmaceutical Companies, Researchers and other interested members of the community.

Working with companies such as Razorfish Healthware, Dotsub can reinvigorate the information flow in the Healthcare market that will benefit everyone.


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