Making friends in high places


On 12 June a private British Airways flight will take off from San Francisco with 100 top innovators, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and academics on board. Before landing in London, the hand-picked passengers will have 11 hours to work together and come up with a solution for the “misalignment of global talent”. Dotsub’s Chairman and Founder, Michael Smolens is one of those 100.

The airline explains: “Right now our world has a bit of a balance problem. People with science, technology, engineering and maths skills are needed in communities that don’t have enough of them, but other places have lots of these talented people, and not enough opportunities.

“Policy makers call it the misalignment of global talent. There’s a whole generation of brain power who aren’t getting the opportunities or partnerships they need.”

Smolens says “If there is a more important place to remove the barriers of language, I can’t think of it. The ability to share ideas seamlessly no matter where you live and work has to be the backbone of the alignment of talent and Dotsub’s philosophy will be front and center during these high altitude discussions”.

Called UnGrounded, the sky-high hackathon will see BA create an “innovative lab” at 30,000 feet and the results will be presented in the House of Lords to the London DNA (Decide Now Act) Summit right after they land.

Simon Talling-Smith, executive vice president of the Americas for BA, said: “As one of the world’s leading airlines, British Airways deeply believes in the power of face-to-face engagements to ignite new ideas, co-create and accelerate innovation.

“We are focused on how we can bring people together to affect change within global society as well as within our business.”

We will bring you some of the results of this exciting endeavor in a blog post after the event.сайтвнутренняя оптимизация сайтованонимайзер одноклассники бесплатно зайти