Passion and experience enriching a global culture

Our Operations offices are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, deep down in the Americas, and I was just reminded  a few days ago of how fascinating it is to be distributed all over the globe.

In the middle of a conversation about internal goals, I asked David our estimated schedule, and he said “By the end of the summer.” In Argentina we are having our first “polar wave”—as we call short but very intense periods of cold weather—so my first confused reaction was “Are we talking about almost an year from now?” David was even more confused, “What are you talking about?” He was referring to his summer, on the Northern hemisphere, not to mine, in the Southern one!

NASA globe

Dotsub is a company that lives and works through worldwide longitudes and time zones, but also we spread across many latitudes. Not only are we miles apart, we are also seasons apart. As some of us are starting our day, others have been on the go for hours, and while the North currently sees the world through the eyes of the approaching summer, the rest of us are getting used to cold gusts of wind. As challenging as it may sound, it is actually one of our greatest strengths: we are a group of passionate people, with different points of view, but the same goal—making your video more engaging, global, searchable, and valuable. Our passion drives us and brings us closer, and our diverse backgrounds and everyday experiences from our own place in the world enrich our culture and our approach to serving our clients .

We are sure many of you have similar experiences. So tell us about it, do you have colleagues from the other side of the world? Do you have any funny anecdote to share with us?

Clara García

Clara Garcia

Clara lives in Argentina, and has been recently appointed Dotsub’s Director of Language Services. She holds a degree in Social Communication. She has extensive experience in managing teams of linguists and educators, and a solid background in audiovisual translation. She joined the Dotsub team driven by her passion for cross-cultural communication, and inspired by her fellow Dotsubbers’ vision.mega-nakrutkaкак раскручивать сайтwebmoney взлом скачать