How Dotsub adds significant value to a video

We at Dotsub like to show how we can use our own services to further our message. Recently our CEO, David Orban, was the keynote speaker at the GALA (Globalization and Localization Association) conference in Miami in March 2013.

We took the opportunity of his talk to show the potential benefits of the Dotsub services and how the Dotsub service can be used to create several different ways of publishing the information.

Of course,  the presentation must be recorded. In this case the conference paid a videographer to record the presentation. Next we started to use the Dotsub services. The first thing to do is to upload the video into Dotsub, we will have another post about how to do that very soon. Next we transcribe the video into its native language in this case, English. This is the root of all things moving forward. The output of this step is a file that has the presentation broken up into time coded phrases, sentences or groups of sentences.

Dotsub’s Added Value

From this transcription we can  translate the presentation into any other language. This translation can be done in one of several levels of quality and accuracy:

  1. machine based
  2. crowd sourced
  3. professional
  4. certified translation for certain types of video e.g. legal or medical

We edited the transcript to take out all the verbal noise and to make it readable and we can now use it to discover content through an internet search engine. Search for “the challenges that we have to keep adapting to the changing conditions” and you will find David’s video. Go on try it—we’ll wait. Let the power of what you just did sink in. Up till now a video was just an entity on the internet, you had to listen to it to find out what was in it—no more. Now the content is available for all to find.

The video is embedded with its interactive transcript on the conference web site.

The video along with any time coded captions, interactive transcript and translations can be posted to YouTube in one step.

Create snippets for a greater focus and of course each of these will be separately discoverable using search engine optimizations.

The edited transcript can be made available as a document.

I hope you can see the type of thing that can be done using Dotsub’s technology and services and of course we are very happy to tell you more about it, contact us or leave a comment here.сайтконтекстная реклама яндекс googleвзлом почты gmail 2012