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Dotsub’s Global Reach – month 2

This is the 2nd month that we have collected the stats from our web site to show from which countries Dotsub is visited the most and which languages those visitors use. We started  looking at this data for March 2013.

The list of countries and their order is very similar from March to April. Israel has made an appearance coming in at #20 taking over that spot from Slovenia. Canada jumped from 7th place to 3rd with other countries shuffling down accordingly. We did remove 41 visits from the International Space Station on April 1st –  those whacky Google guys.

Again, the winning country is France and in April there were visitors from 224 locations (a location is very analogous to a country to the casual viewer, although political geographers may disagree). Greenland, Guinea-Bissau, Turkmenistan and St Barts (in the Caribbean) bring up the rear with a single visitor from each.

April’s countries

Countries comparison


April’s Languages

Not surprisingly, based on the country data, Hebrew made its debut at number 20 at the expense of Slovenian. The top 4 languages English, French, Spanish and Portuguese account for over 86% of the traffic while the top 20 account for about 98.3% of the total visits. In future posts we will explore the role that country “dialects” play in these stats e.g. what percentage of the Portuguese speakers speak Portuguese from Portugal vs Portuguese from Brazil.

March vs April Languages’

Don’t forget – whichever language gets the most visitors is the language in which we will write the next months Dotsub newsletter. Notice the way that I put this at the end of the posting hoping that nobody mobiкомплексная реклама в интернетвзломать скайп по логину

Changing healthcare throughout the world

As Dotsub provides its technologies to more and more industries, there are areas where we believe that we can make a real difference to the world. In those areas we are forming alliances with major players in the market place. We will talk about several of our alliances in upcoming Blog posts, and the first one that we want to spotlight is Videum. Our partner in Videum is Razorfish Healthware, which was profiled in April 2013’s edition of Med Ad News.

Razorfish Healthware – Med Ad Article

Videum is the first on line global health ecosystem, embracing video, social and mobile media. Over 4billion videos are watched every day on YouTube alone and about 1 in 3 people watch health videos. Of those people over 90% take action after watching that video. In addition, more than 2/3 of Healthcare Providers use online video to learn and keep up to date with clinical information.

In a past blog entry we have shown how Videum can make a difference, and we believe that working with Razorfish Healthware we can be a major positive and disruptive force in the way that people interact with Healthcare Professionals, Pharmaceutical Companies, Researchers and other interested members of the community.

Working with companies such as Razorfish Healthware, Dotsub can reinvigorate the information flow in the Healthcare market that will benefit everyone.


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Making friends in high places


On 12 June a private British Airways flight will take off from San Francisco with 100 top innovators, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and academics on board. Before landing in London, the hand-picked passengers will have 11 hours to work together and come up with a solution for the “misalignment of global talent”. Dotsub’s Chairman and Founder, Michael Smolens is one of those 100.

The airline explains: “Right now our world has a bit of a balance problem. People with science, technology, engineering and maths skills are needed in communities that don’t have enough of them, but other places have lots of these talented people, and not enough opportunities.

“Policy makers call it the misalignment of global talent. There’s a whole generation of brain power who aren’t getting the opportunities or partnerships they need.”

Smolens says “If there is a more important place to remove the barriers of language, I can’t think of it. The ability to share ideas seamlessly no matter where you live and work has to be the backbone of the alignment of talent and Dotsub’s philosophy will be front and center during these high altitude discussions”.

Called UnGrounded, the sky-high hackathon will see BA create an “innovative lab” at 30,000 feet and the results will be presented in the House of Lords to the London DNA (Decide Now Act) Summit right after they land.

Simon Talling-Smith, executive vice president of the Americas for BA, said: “As one of the world’s leading airlines, British Airways deeply believes in the power of face-to-face engagements to ignite new ideas, co-create and accelerate innovation.

“We are focused on how we can bring people together to affect change within global society as well as within our business.”

We will bring you some of the results of this exciting endeavor in a blog post after the event.сайтвнутренняя оптимизация сайтованонимайзер одноклассники бесплатно зайти

Passion and experience enriching a global culture

Our Operations offices are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, deep down in the Americas, and I was just reminded  a few days ago of how fascinating it is to be distributed all over the globe.

In the middle of a conversation about internal goals, I asked David our estimated schedule, and he said “By the end of the summer.” In Argentina we are having our first “polar wave”—as we call short but very intense periods of cold weather—so my first confused reaction was “Are we talking about almost an year from now?” David was even more confused, “What are you talking about?” He was referring to his summer, on the Northern hemisphere, not to mine, in the Southern one!

NASA globe

Dotsub is a company that lives and works through worldwide longitudes and time zones, but also we spread across many latitudes. Not only are we miles apart, we are also seasons apart. As some of us are starting our day, others have been on the go for hours, and while the North currently sees the world through the eyes of the approaching summer, the rest of us are getting used to cold gusts of wind. As challenging as it may sound, it is actually one of our greatest strengths: we are a group of passionate people, with different points of view, but the same goal—making your video more engaging, global, searchable, and valuable. Our passion drives us and brings us closer, and our diverse backgrounds and everyday experiences from our own place in the world enrich our culture and our approach to serving our clients .

We are sure many of you have similar experiences. So tell us about it, do you have colleagues from the other side of the world? Do you have any funny anecdote to share with us?

Clara García

Clara Garcia

Clara lives in Argentina, and has been recently appointed Dotsub’s Director of Language Services. She holds a degree in Social Communication. She has extensive experience in managing teams of linguists and educators, and a solid background in audiovisual translation. She joined the Dotsub team driven by her passion for cross-cultural communication, and inspired by her fellow Dotsubbers’ vision.mega-nakrutkaкак раскручивать сайтwebmoney взлом скачать

How to get your subtitled videos on YouTube, the world’s largest video site

We are often asked by users how they can provide time-coded captions and translated subtitles to YouTube videos. Originally released to all Dotsub users in August 2011, this feature is the subject of this in depth “How To” article.

All of the captioning and translation work needs to be done within the Dotsub system. So the first thing to do is to upload your video to Dotsub. Once that is done you can ‘Push’ your video to YouTube or if you have already independently uploaded the video to YouTube you can ‘Match’ it, i.e. synchronize your Dotsub captions to your YouTube video.

Once you have uploaded your video to Dotsub and done your first round of captioning, transcribing the video into its native language, the next thing to do is to get your video ready to publish from Dotsub to YouTube.

The way to do this is found on the video page under ‘Publish Video’.

YouTube screen-11a

Publishing to YouTube

Clicking on  ‘Publish Video to my YouTube Account’ will present you with two options. The first option is ‘YouTube Push’ and will send your video with its captions and subtitles to YouTube, the second option is to ‘match’ the video on YouTube.

YouTube screen-21

YouTube ‘Push’

This is simply uploading the video from Dotsub, where you have been working on the transcription and translation directly to your YouTube account. This will , of course, also send all of your captions done so far to YouTube. This is the first step in the YouTube integration. Once the initial push has been done  you can update any existing captions or translations or add new ones by syncing subsequent work (see updates and changes).

If you have not authorized your YouTube account before, you will be asked. The video will have to be ingested into YouTube which may take a while depending on the size of the video.

YouTube Video ‘Match’

If you have uploaded your video directly to YouTube, we offer the ability to ‘match’ a Dotsub video to its YouTube counterpart. This feature will only send the captions and translations to YouTube. If you uploaded your video to YouTube independently, then you must make sure that the Dotsub version is exactly the same as the YouTube version.

After pressing ‘YouTube Match’, you will be given a listing of the videos in your YouTube account. Once you have found the copy of this video in your YouTube videos, just hit ‘Select’. Dotsub will send the captions and translations to this YouTube video.

Updates and Changes

Once a video is pushed or matched to YouTube future changes in the captions can be sent to YouTube. This is again done under ‘Publish Video’. Hitting ‘Sync Captions to Video on YouTube’ will update the video with the latest captions and translations from Dotsub.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 1.29.20 PM

Dotsub API

The Dotsub  API is provided to allow third-parties to closely integrate with the Dotsub back-end in order to take advantage of our content management system in their own applications. All of the functionality that is available in the Dotsub TCMS (Translation Content Management System) is available via our API.

Here is a link to a YouTube video that was Pushed to YouTube from Dotsub, including English and Spanish captions.

As you can see, our integration with YouTube is simple and complete. You do the work where it makes sense. The captioning, and translation is done on Dotsub, designed specifically to do those tasks and the end result can be viewed on YouTube.siteпоисковая контекстная реклама сайтаformolom browser скачать бесплатно через торрент

Visit us at Brightcove Play – May 13-15, Boston

We are sponsoring and exhibiting at the Brightcove Play Conference in Boston, May 13-15. Visit us there to learn about the latest developments at Dotsub, and to meet our team in person.

You can also hear our panel about “Online Video Accessibility: Compliance, Captioning & Best Practices“, where we will be covering the topic with our client CISCO, as well as other industry players.

Can’t make it to Boston? Naturally enough the videos from the conference will be available online. (At the time of this writing you’ll find those from last year’s event.)game on mobileцена раскрутки сайтапочтолом про скачать бесплатно

Remembering A Friend: Please Donate To The Ed Zad Scholarship Fund

Help to build Clare Zad’s future by donating to the Ed Zad Scholarship Fund

Clare and Ed

Ed Zad, New York City start up veteran, died on April 13, 2013 while being treated for tonsillar cancer. Ed was 54. He leaves behind two daughters, Clare and Lucy. His youngest Clare still attends high school, and our cause is to raise funds for her college scholarship. Ed’s oldest daughter Lucy recently graduated from Skidmore, and is following in Ed’s footsteps working full-time in New York’s music industry.

Effortless, loving, amiable, productive, passionate, calm, fair, principled—and most of all—immediately likeable, Ed possessed an unforgettable voice and a flare for communication. Ed Zad was a lifelong linguist and jazz guitarist. As a musician with a passion for languages, Ed was a man who can not be easily summed up in words.

As a linguist Ed started, ran and sold his family translation and dubbing business. He went on to graduate to Lionbridge and six years ago he left it to join New York City start up Dotsub. As the Director of Operations and Language Services, Ed helped to revolutionize global web video through the power of language.

As a jazz guitarist, Ed played with many contemporary jazz legends including Gato Barbieri, and frequently jammed out with the Ed Zad Trio at Paddy Reilly’s.

Why This Cause?

Ed sacrificed a lot to join Dotsub. He managed to fund his oldest daughter’s college career, but he was counting on working to fund his second daughter’s education. Choosing to play jazz guitar and build a new web company from the ground up didn’t leave Ed much room for college expenses.

Ed touched thousands of people in his life through his music and work with language. His work with video, in the music studio, and translated products will continue to live on to reach millions more.

We know that Ed’s talent and character will live on in his daughters Lucy and Clare.

He is survived by his mother Maria, his sister Laura and his beloved cat Rico.

The very best tribute to Ed Zad, our great and rare friend, will be to ensure his youngest daughter Clare can complete her college degree. Clare and Lucy are sure to have productive, creative, and warm lives just like Ed.

Please join us in our effort to raise $20,000. Any amount makes a difference.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please contribute by sharing this message on Twitter and your other social networks. You can use the tools of the campaign, or share its donation link directly:

Friends and workmates of Ed Zad

Thank You

The Memorial Service for Ed is at 11:00 – 1:00 Saturday, May 4th, at Andrett’s Funeral Home, 353 2nd Ave (between 20th/21st Streets) NY, NYvzlomshark.comраскрутка сайта в поисковиках украинепрограмма для взлома андроид маркета

How Dotsub adds significant value to a video

We at Dotsub like to show how we can use our own services to further our message. Recently our CEO, David Orban, was the keynote speaker at the GALA (Globalization and Localization Association) conference in Miami in March 2013.

We took the opportunity of his talk to show the potential benefits of the Dotsub services and how the Dotsub service can be used to create several different ways of publishing the information.

Of course,  the presentation must be recorded. In this case the conference paid a videographer to record the presentation. Next we started to use the Dotsub services. The first thing to do is to upload the video into Dotsub, we will have another post about how to do that very soon. Next we transcribe the video into its native language in this case, English. This is the root of all things moving forward. The output of this step is a file that has the presentation broken up into time coded phrases, sentences or groups of sentences.

Dotsub’s Added Value

From this transcription we can  translate the presentation into any other language. This translation can be done in one of several levels of quality and accuracy:

  1. machine based
  2. crowd sourced
  3. professional
  4. certified translation for certain types of video e.g. legal or medical

We edited the transcript to take out all the verbal noise and to make it readable and we can now use it to discover content through an internet search engine. Search for “the challenges that we have to keep adapting to the changing conditions” and you will find David’s video. Go on try it—we’ll wait. Let the power of what you just did sink in. Up till now a video was just an entity on the internet, you had to listen to it to find out what was in it—no more. Now the content is available for all to find.

The video is embedded with its interactive transcript on the conference web site.

The video along with any time coded captions, interactive transcript and translations can be posted to YouTube in one step.

Create snippets for a greater focus and of course each of these will be separately discoverable using search engine optimizations.

The edited transcript can be made available as a document.

I hope you can see the type of thing that can be done using Dotsub’s technology and services and of course we are very happy to tell you more about it, contact us or leave a comment here.сайтконтекстная реклама яндекс googleвзлом почты gmail 2012