Dotsub’s Global Reach – is your country winning?

We deal with languages and translations and videos so we expect that many people in many countries in many languages will use our services and visit our website, but do you realize quite how worldwide we are.

We constantly monitor our web site traffic, we check that  it is performing well all over the world, and collect usage stats, all very generic so no privacy worries. So thanks to the stats, we now know that in March 2013 there were visits from over 200 countries and territories (that’s the way Google Analytics specifies them) and in about 200 languages. That number considers some dialects separately. So it differentiates between English as spoken in the US from English spoken in Australia, which is good, but doesn’t differentiate between English spoken in England from English spoken in Scotland, which is not right and is wonderfully highlighted in one of our more popular videos – thank you BBC.

If you like the video and would like to see the sort of things that Dotsub allows you to do, such as translating and interactive transcripts, please go to the Dotsub page where it all happens.

We will be publishing these statistics regularly and also providing month to month comparisons so we can see how and where Dotsub is being used and how successful various campaigns and initiatives have been.

March 2013

For the month of March, we find that there were visits from over 215 countries with the top 20 accounting for just over 80% of the visits


For languages the stats look like this – we have tried to include all of the dialects in the main language e.g. English is the sum of US English, UK English, Australian English, Canadian English etc.


Congratulations to France on winning this month’s visitors competition. If you can win the languages category too we will write the next stats bulletin in French.

If there are more statistics that you would like to see, please leave your suggestions in the comments and we will do our best.

So, don’t forget our challenge that if any country/language pair is at the top of statistics we will send the next stats bulletin out in that language.rpg online mobile gameразместить объявление в гуглеkombohacker 4 ghost