TV Web Search and Discovery Monetization

Opportunities for medium to small video publishers

Here’s how Joy Marcus – venture capitalist and former web video executive – framed the opportunities for Video search and discovery.

Joy Marcus at Beet TV Retreat

Joy Marcus, Venture Partner at Draper Fisher Gotham, at the conference.

What is “TV Web”? Does it create new revenue models?

At Dotsub, we call the convergence of TV with the web – TV Webrather than Web TV–because in the collision between these media, TV will dominate because:

  • People spend the most leisure time–4 hours a day–watching TV.
  • TV is immersive, kinesthetic, and emotional as compared with text-dominant web.
  • TV will soon be everywhere, interactive, and hyperlinked like the web.
  • Brands are becoming media companies in which personalized, “native”, and content marketing will prevail over broadcast marketing models.

The demise of broadcast marketing models in favor of “native marketing” models will be good news for Dotsub’s customers who are non-broadcast, “long tail” video publishers. (Dotsub’s customers are video publishers not in the top 50). TV Web will level the playing field for new, innovative video publishers and for innovative brands that deploy video.As we say goodbye to broadcast’s dominance as a dying relic of the 20th century, what can we do as long tail video publishers to maximize our audience reach, engagement, and monetization in the TV Web world? The answer is to be found at the top of search results! The immediate solution to being found is to caption our videos and paste the transcripts into our web-pages. Adding transcripts to video web pages immediately lifts search results. For organic search, there’s no reason your videos cannot be on the first page. The more niche and focused your content, the higher your search rankings.

Captioning on Dotsub is easy, fun, and free. All you need to do is create a Dotsub account, upload your video, and our free service lets you caption, download the transcript, publish to your YouTube, BrightCove, Kaltura, Ooyala, LongTailVideo, or Wistia account–and more.  For little cost, you can also order burn-ins, voice dubbing, or have Dotsub professionally caption or translate your videos.If you have more than 100 minutes of video on the web already, we’ll even caption and translate up to 10 minutes as a free trial. If you have less than 100 minutes, you can sign up to use our platform and do it yourself.

Part 2 coming soon: More on TV Web Discovery and Search

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