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5 Steps to Easy Video SEO: Videos Rank Higher with Transcripts

5 Steps to Easy Video SEO
Videos Rank Higher with Transcripts 

Step 1 …  Caption Your Video …

Step 1: Caption Your Video. Increase audience, increase engagement, and lift video search rankings.
Ironically, the sights and sounds of your compelling video are not “read” by search engines. Search engines need text. Captioning your video generates the text. With Dotsub, you can caption your video yourself, via your customers, or for the same cost as machine-based captioning – a few dollars per minute – you can hire Dotsub to professionally caption to 508 standards. (Captions are also the first step in video translation.)

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Step 2: Download the transcript
Once your video is captioned you can download the video transcript from Dotsub. We offer several formats. These include simple text, SRT, DFXP and other popular subtitle formats. Use the text option to get a complete text transcript of your video, which you will then add to your web-page so search engines can “read” it.

Step 3: Add the transcript to your video page
Embedding the transcript anywhere on your page is as simple as copying text into HTML. The transcript ON YOUR PAGE ensures search engines read it and cause your video to show up for any phrases spoken in your video including the title or common phrases and keywords. If you dont have room for the transcript near the video, the transcript can be “below the fold” so long as it is on the same page.

Step 4: Always include as much information about your video as you can on your page: the title, description, tags, a caption. Here’s a sample layout.
Think about what your audience might be searching for that is contained in your video. Add it to your page. The title, subject, topics, keywords, tags, the director, the talent, the location. The more specific and accurate the better. Design your video pages so that they accomodate this descriptive information. The search engines don’t care the order or placement of these elements. (which is why you can have the complete transcript lower on the page if you don’t have room for it next to or below your video.)

Sample Layout: Title, description, video, transcription, tags

Step 5: Embed the video transcript into the non-visible meta-data of the page
Always embed the video transcript in the page meta-data This is done by placing the content of the transcription within a non-visible HTML element (a hidden div). While most search engines do not weight non-visible content as high as visible content, this will still provide additional SEO for your page.  Do this whether you include the full transcript visibly on your page or not.

Step 6: (Optional) Include Dotsub’s interactive transcript widget on your page. This provides dynamic highlighting and navigation in “time” with your video.
Dotsub provides ‘widgets’ to display the video transcript, which provides new usability functions to your users (It highlights the current line in the video, lets users navigate and search by text). See for the 31,000 videos captioned and translated on the Dotsub platform for a great example. Unfortunately, these ‘widgets’ work by loading the transcript via JavaScript, as dynamic content. Search engines are not able to load dynamic content, so interactive transcripts dont currently provide any added SEO benefits. But it’s still a great feature for your videos that users appreciate, especially in education videos.  (70% of Dotsub’s videos concern a form of education, how-to, or training.)

Step 7 (Optional): mRRS feeds provide additional SEO benefits 
Video sites should also be using mRSS ( mRSS is a RSS extension specifically designed for syndicating multimedia.  mRSS provides a <media:text> tag. This tag can be used to not only add the videos transcripts to search engines, it can also contain the translations.

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