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Player to the People: Smart Video to Dominate Web

Player to the People

At 90% of Web content,
Smart Video to Dominate

At Dotsub, we use the phrase “Player to the People” to denote today’s accelerating power shift to the people from what we used to call broadcast. (… in the last century).  Back in 1995, at the dawn of the web, many web pioneers including myself predicted the demise of broadcast in favor of mass personalization. Today, as we shift to the visual web, video will rapidly grow from half of web content to over 90%.

David Hsieh VP Video at Cisco

Who are examples of the winners?
Teachers & Learners

Whether it’s Adobe TV,  TED, WOBI, iEarn, universities, experts, or educators. Whether lab or a lecture, video is the learning media. Great teachers can now reach a global audience. 70% of the 21+ million lines of video captioned or translated by Dotsub are educational content.  By 2014, as a learner you will be able to sign up for your interests and get a daily video channel on any topic from macramé to string theory.
Brands – AARP, Adobe, Apple, GE, L’Oreal, MIT, Nike, Oracle, PBS, US Army Brands win because they can collaborate with their audience. Video lets them engage their audience with emotion of tv, with real time human interaction, and video lets their audience talk back.
AARP in Translation by Dotsub
Small Business  & Community – Small businesses win because they can produce and share “video worth spreading” along with larger brands. Communities win because they can produce, curate, caption, translate, mash video to produce new content to suit the any niche need or interest.
BrightCove (BCOV)
Video Delivery and Sharing Platforms –Companies that speed and deliver video creations to many viewers over mobile and web will be winners — Akamai, Amazon, BrightCove, Cisco, Kaltura, LongTail, Ooyala, etc.  Bigger winners will be video discovery and sharing sites such as Google, Apple, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, TED, WOBI, StumbleUpon, and DailyMotion.

Video Gaps to be filled
1. Video First
When you turn on any screen, be it phone, tablet, TV, or computer, you will be one click away from video programing tailored to your interests.
2. Relevance
The burden of assembling “clips” to learn or investigate a topic will be over. You’ll be able to enter a few search terms, or expose your interest graph to your player, and the video will assemble into a program for you. The Video “player” will be constantly seeking video content for you, so you a 24×7 program is ready for you.
Same with ads, gone will be the umpteenth repeat ad when you’re trying to get the financial news!
3. Perspective
Video programming will be assembled based on the depth of your interests. Whether one time and short, or enduring and deep and everything in between.
4. Control
The video player will give users complete control over their screens including whether and how to show navigable, searchable captions or full transcripts. Every aspect of viewing will be controllable by the user including how ads and captions are played. All the controls of a TV screen will be elegantly accessible on a mobile or browser player.
5. Video + Text + Any Language
Video will evolve from dumb to monolingual to poly lingual to pan lingual.Initially all video will offer text captions as well as video so that the video can be discovered, navigated, read, shared with text and time codes, chaptered, and more. After the majority of video being captioned, we will see “any video in any language” in the not distant future.

Next Month – Video SEO Issue.  Search results that include video are 50xmore likely to show up on the first page of search results than without. Next month, we learn how to use transcripts to raise video search results. Brought to you by thought leaders from BrightCove, Kaltura, LongTailVideo, Ooyala, VideoSEO and more.

Coming soon – A new Dotsub website. Drop us a line at if you’d like an early look, and want to give us feedback.

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