Video with Interactive Transcription – New Video Embed

dotSUB recently added the ability to embed the transcription of a video into your webpage as well.Our users told us: “We want video with the transcription! We want it to highlight the curren

tly spoken line! We want it to seek when I click on a line in the transcription!”

dotSUB listens. We now offer the ability to embed the video with an interactive transcription. Here are the benefits:

1) Engage your audience for more minutes as they navigate transcripts.

2) Be found. The transcript text dramatically improves SEO results.

3) Increase your audience with the 20+% who are hearing impaired or have English as a second language.

4) Provide context with the rich text that accompanies your video.

We’d love to receive links to examples of our users who take advantage of embedded interactive video transcripts

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  • Carolina Pal

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  • Dana Tan

     Could you clarify how this would be good for SEO? I love the idea, but it looks like the embed code for the video with the transcript is an   Googlebot cannot crawl or index what’s in an which means the text would be inaccessible to search engines. Am I missing something? Could you explain in more detail please? I’d like to use it if it’s going to help my SEO, but right now I can’t see how that will work. Thanks!

    • Brian Smiga

      Hello Dana,
      You are correct that the embed itself will not directly improve the SEO for the page it is being viewed on. 

      Here’s how Dotsub improves SEO:

      Dotsub provides an API that our clients can use to directly fetch the transcription/translation and render it as part of the webpage. Inside Dotsub interface, users can also copy the transcript and then paste the transcript into their page.

      Either approach should improve SEO.

      For clarity, we will correct the blog post that is in error over this weekend.
      We will also write a Video SEO Guide and blog it later this month.

      Thanks for your note.

      • Dana Tan

        Like! Thanks Brian

        Dana F. Tan
        SEO Strategist
        CCI Solutions, Inc.
        1-360-943-5378, ext. 252

  • Claude Almansi

    When I read the part about putting the transcript in a hidden DIV tag then embedding it in an iframe, I was a bit worried. But as the result is copiable and above all, readable with a screen reader (1), that’s great.  

    (1) based on a Fangs viewing of the page: I don’t have a proper screen reader.

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