The Beginning of Infinity, a short film by Jason Silva

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Jason Silva will present his new short film “The Beginning of Infinity” at the Singularity Summit in New York tomorrow. It is one of those videos with very high information and visual content, where captions and subtitles really add value in deeply understanding its message, in English, and other languages.

Jason says:

“My goal is to give audiences a ‘download’, an inception of rapturous awe. We live in a world of radical progress where, increasingly, technology is shrinking the lag time between our imaginings and their instantiation in the world. I see our technologies as tools for consciousness expansion, expanding the boundaries of our thought reach and vision. I’m an unwavering optimist, and I believe creating content that “epiphanizes” in short, two minute bursts of inspiration is an effective means of spreading the meme and cutting through the noise. I hope you agree.”

And about the short film, he adds:

This video is inspired, in part, by the ideas explored in David Deutsch’s new book, “The Beginning of Infinity“. In our work, we use the tools of editing: we juxtapose ‘transcalar’ imagery, cutting and overlapping the very small and the very large… From the nano to the galactic, stretching and compressing time, we feature time lapse to reveal the repetitive and recurring patterns across different scales of reality. The aim is to provide multiple perspectives all at once, whose simultaneous presentation might cause spontaneous epiphanies. “These patterns are omnipresent, but only when we see these patterns in a more compressed mode of presentation do we start to attend to them as such.”

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Our stated goal is to re-ignite the art of the “performing philosophers” … like Timothy Leary and Buckminster Fuller… A post on Space Collective wrote about “thinkers who act as substantial agents of change, who drastically alter the infocologies they interact with, in the process transforming and meshing the different dimensions in which our minds operate.”

We care about the pleasures derived in forming new connections, mash-ups and innovative solutions for the next step in human evolution. We are working to articulate our understanding through the creation of recombinant media mashups meant to epiphanize audiences—the creating and sharing of awe; “performance philosophy” in an age of collapsing boundaries and exponential creativity.

The director of the Imaginary Foundation described our work as “some kind of Ontological DJ’ing, recompiling the source code of western philosophy by mixing and mashing it up into a form of recombinant creativity, which (hopefully) elevates our understanding from the dry and prosaic, into the sensual and transcendent.”

Information technologies have become instruments of mind expansion, sensorial scaffoldings that increase and augment our capacity to process greater amounts of information, allowing us to extract richer gradients of meaningful data about the world and our experience. Whether its a telescope, a microscope or a marijuana joint, we need to think of these tools as aids, contact lenses through which we can see so much more than before.

In the digital dimension we use the term resolution. Certainly we can appreciate how much more can be ‘revealed’ by having higher resolution….. and technology offering complex visualizations literally ups the resolution of our internal and external perceptions. Different Scales and perspectives of reality show how much of what we perceive is dictated by our point of view–literally by where we are and how we think. The most exhilarating realization, then, is that we all have the power to shape our experience by our linguistic and creative choices.”

Follow Jason on Twitter: @jason_silva.


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  1. Gozodowntown says:

    would not miss it

    • davidorban says:

      You wrote your comment on Oct 30, and the presentation was on Oct 15. So you definitely missed it, but of course you can watch the video itself. 🙂

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