Health in Any Language: Videum launched at Health2.0 in San Francisco

The use of online and mobile video continues to grow rapidly worldwide in the consumer market, as does the adoption of health related video by healthcare professionals.  Due to the complexity of the subject matter, the inherently visual nature of video is particularly well suited to communicate difficult concepts in this field. But while the need and desire for healthcare related video is high worldwide, the costs to create quality video content can be prohibitive, and much of the leading content is not available in multiple languages, making it difficult, if not impossible, for healthcare professionals and consumers to take advantage of it globally. This is most true in emerging markets, where often the need is highest.

Enter Publicis Healthware International (PHI) and dotSUB. Two entities on the forefront of digital media pooled their respective core competencies, and created Videum, to enable online users from all reaches of the globe to meet with one another. By utilizing dotSUB’s industrial strength online platform for captioning, translating, and subtitling video, and PHI’s global reach for content, creativity, and understanding of the Health 2.0 ecosystem, this new portal will provide unparalleled, universal access to quality healthcare content from multiple sources around the globe.

The partnership’s offering,, is a video portal where users will soon be able to access health and wellness video content in any language. Offerings of the site will include the ability for channels, 24/7 monitoring and maintenance and verified translations.

“Video on the internet is the most powerful, yet scalable medium to communicate passion, emotion, and high quality content. But its message must be understood by everybody”, said David Orban, CEO of dotSUB.

“Health related communication on a global level need specific solutions”, said Roberto Ascione, CEO of PHI. “We are partnering with dotSUB, to bring the power of online video in health and wellness to users worldwide”, he added.

A preview of Videum is featured on September 27th, at the Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco. A private beta of the portal will be revealed at Health 2.0 Berlin at the end of October and a full launch is planned for early 2012.маркетинговое агентство москваподдержка сайта в месяцвзлом skype бесплатно