dotSUB Launches 100 Language Challenge for Interdependence

The Challenge

Help translate “A Declaration of Interdependence”, a globally crowd-sourced film, by Webby Awards Founder & award-winning filmmaker Tiffany Shlain, featuring music by Moby and translations enabled by dotSUB.

Together with skilled volunteers from around the world, we will translate this new 5-minute film into 100 or more languages as a multi-cultural celebration of interdependence in action. Apply Now!

What is Interdependence?

Well, some synonyms for interdependence are: interconnected, related, mutually beneficial, reliant on each other, but “A Declaration of Interdependence,” says it best here:

What’s Next?

Apply Now to our “100 Language Challenge for Interdependence” to help translate the English captions in “A Declaration of Interdependence”, film and connect your wisdom and heart with other global citizens. We’ll be back in touch in a week or sooner.

dotSUB’s translation process is fun, easy & rewarding for fluent multi-linguals. All translators accepted will be credited with their name and language on the websites of the Interdependence Day partner organizations including dotSUBConnected (the film)Moxie Institute, the Interdependence Movement3-Legged Dog Art & Technology CenterWE CampaignYouth Now and other interdependent global organizations.

Apply Now or learn more about the making of: A Declaration of Interdependence

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  • Nenad Maljković

    Whad do you mean by “all translators accepted”? I registered a while ago (no reply from you) and already translated it into Croatian as it was open for translation. 🙂

    • Peter

      Thanks for jumping in, Nenad! The video was accessible for translations by mistake and closed right after we noticed yours…(~;  We’re going to allow it as accurate and push it to the YouTube version with several others in a week or so.  Please go to and register for the program so we can give you acknowledgement for the contribution. Cheers, Peter

  • website translation services

    wow its there best work especially in competition field because everyone is going to provide services of translation but they not been able to give all language translation and this is the best work of dotSUB . thanks for sharing